Nick Ostdick

Content Developer - Trekk

Nick Ostick is a Content Developer for Trekk, a B2B marketing agency in Rockford, Illinois. Ostick has previously worked as a digital content and social media strategist, content marketer, journalist, and college instructor teaching English and creative writing.

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what is robotic desktop automation


January 5, 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Desktop Automation Software

Try out the desktop automation tools from UiPath to automate repetitive tasks and processes, so you can focus on more important work.

accurate web automation with rpa

Product and Updates

December 1, 2017

Completely Accurate Web Automation with RPA

Take a look at UiPath web automation which has an integrated recorder that can read and enact web-based activities. Check out UiPath web automation in action.

jeremie cremer 4419 unsplash

Industry Solutions

August 24, 2017

RPA’s Impact on the Travel Industry

RPA is a critical driver in the travel industry as travel companies look to streamline their operations, optimize processes, and increase customer relations.


Industry Solutions

August 17, 2017

RPA in the Automotive Industry

RPA deployment and implementation can provide some significant competitive advantages for manufacturing companies in the automotive industry.

shutterstock 418984624


August 10, 2017

Top RPA Conversations so far in 2017

The top RPA conversations in 2017 pose some interesting questions and concerns for how the RPA landscape will respond to shifts and developments.



August 3, 2017

From UI to AI: An Automation Journey

Automation has come a long way since its earliest incarnations as UI automation up to its current form as intelligent robotic process automation.

edit v2


July 27, 2017

RPA Literacy: The Driver for Automation’s Future

RPA literacy is a critical element of positioning the automation landscape in a way that companies across the globe can pursue the value of automation.

shutterstock 1069916918


July 20, 2017

Attended Or Unattended RPA? Advantages for Both Solutions

Understanding the difference between unattended and attended automation is critical for companies in reviewing and assessing their RPA needs.



July 13, 2017

What Will the Future of RPA Look Like?

Future developments in RPA technology will offer companies important value propositions as they strive to be leaner and more productive globally.

robotic process automation common pitfalls


June 23, 2017

5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid With RPA Implementation

Companies must avoid common pitfalls when looking to implement an RPA solution in order to fully realize the value proposition automation can provide.



June 17, 2017

The Right Customer-Facing Tasks for Automation

Companies can deploy RPA in a number of different contexts to help alleviate much of the burden associated with customer-facing tasks and duties.



June 6, 2017

How RPA Reduces Risk in Business Operations

RPA can play a major role in reducing the risk companies undertake when conducting business operations in a global marketplace.

4176759243 73f3acd692 z


May 18, 2017

RPA in emerging markets

A look at how RPA can be deployed by young companies in emerging markets.

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