Automate the data-driven enterprise with UiPath and Snowflake

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Utilize Snowflake data in robotic process automation (RPA) workflows

Seamlessly incorporate Snowflake data into an automated workflow using the UiPath Database Activities package and the Snowflake Integration Service Connector.


Collect data from hard-to-access sources

Process structured and unstructured data from sources like legacy systems and local system files, then store it in Snowflake. For instance, convert PDF documents directly into Snowflake using UiPath Document Understanding.


Automate data quality and enrichment activities

Enrich your Snowflake data and ensure data quality with artificial intelligence (AI) driven data validation and human-in-the-loop capabilities to manage exceptions.


Simplify data ingestion and maintenance

With drag-and-drop functionality, non-technical users can implement automation into their data maintenance, continuous testing, and administrative tasks.

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How Avison Young uses robots to predict the future

Avison Young pairs the best talent with the best tech thanks to a partnership with UiPath. Discover how they keep a forward-thinking team enabled with the best data

Use cases spanning your data operations

For example, a database administrator (DBA) can create a parameterized script which a robot uses to continuously test a list of data tables. Similarly, a data scientist can launch a robot that collects, cleans, and prepares data from a mainframe system, then loads the ready-to-analyze data into Snowflake.

  • Data collection

    • UI-based data collection and synchronization of custom browser applications and legacy systems such as mainframes

    • API-based data collection and synchronization with enterprise systems

  • Data processing

    • Process and format unstructured data such as images, PDFs, and emails, and semi-structured data such as Extensible Markup Language (XML) and JavaScript Object Notation (JSON)

    • Augment data with machine learning (ML) models

  • Data loads

    • Data admin, cleaning, and preparation tasks

    • Orchestrate conditional data loads

  • Data testing

    • Metadata checks and data format validation. 

    • Testing for completeness,correctness,and data integrity. 

    • Perform reconciliation checks by comparing datarow by row or comparing whole datasets. 

    • Test reports and analytics byvalidating selector and graphical data using UI Automation. 


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Collect data from anywhere

  • UI-based data collection and synchronization of custom browser applications and legacy systems such as mainframes

  • API-based data collection and synchronization with enterprise systems

Simplify Snowflake data automation with UiPath RPA

Leverage the UiPath Database Activities

Leverage the UiPath Database Activities to connect the UiPath Platform with Snowflake data.

Leverage the UiPath Database Activities and Snowflake Integration Service Connector to connect the UiPath Platform with Snowflake data.

Robots can interact, extract, process and augment Snowflake data, then use it in downstream processes.

Read the Integration Service Connector docs
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Security, governance and compliance are at the core of the UiPath Platform. Our partnership with CrowdStrike is an example of our continued investment in the security posture of UiPath by delivering true innovation in RPA.

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