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Landmark Group & UiPath – Driving Productivity & Efficiency in the Retail Industry with RPA


Photo of Rajesh Garg

Rajesh Garg

Chief Financial Officer, Landmark Group

Photo of Shail Khiyara

Shail Khiyara

Customer Experience Officer, UiPath

Find out how Chief Financial Officers worldwide can use RPA to drive digital transformation in their organizations and the various paths to increasing efficiency & productivity with an Automation First mindset.


Don't miss Rajesh Garg (Chief Financial Officer, Landmark Group) and Shail Khiyara (Customer Experience Officer, UiPath) as they talk about:


  • exciting insights on Landmark Group’s journey into digital transformation through automation,
  • addressing the retail industry complexity with RPA
  • exclusive top-of-mind CFO challenges that automation can solve quickly, while constantly improving customer experience.




Founded in 1973, The Landmark Group became one of the largest and most successful retail organizations in the Middle East and India, with a growing presence in S.E Asia and Africa. Currently, The Group operates over 2,300 stores across 23 countries, and has 57 major home-grown & franchise brands in their portfolio. Through the years, they have created brands that are market leaders, built strong partnerships and delivered exceptional value to its customers, always keeping an eye on innovation and how it can help build better business.



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