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Whitepaper by UiPath: What’s beyond RPA? More RPA.

Although still a relatively young technology, RPA has managed to break the mould in terms of how companies approach their business processes, by providing solutions that deliver speed, accuracy, simplicity and efficiency. Moreover, RPA has also dramatically changed the role and purpose of BPOs in the market, triggering an ever increasing need for change and evolution. With the emergence of even more disruptive technologies, such as cognitive and AI tools, the buzz around automation is getting bigger and bigger. 

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Whitepaper by UiPath: 6σ, Lean and RPA

6σ, Lean and RPA - An open conversation with Guy Kirkwood - UiPath, Darryl Neff - Generali and Dean Smith - formerly Zurich

Companies are currently experiencing the shock waves of automation moving at high speed to disrupt businesses, energizing them to rework some of their priorities and in turn, to future-proof themselves. For insurance organizations, the appetite for RPA is particularly whetted by the challenge to cut the Gordian Knot of having to balance heavy regulations and compliance requirements with the need for aggressive cost reductions and efficiency gains while also preserving or enhancing customer and stakeholder experience.

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Whitepaper by UiPath: Your Guide To Finding The Right Provider For Your RPA Journey

Truth is no fixed measure. It’s relative. So is Robotic Process Automation. Relative to the technology, the vendor, the product offer, relative to your processing needs.

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Robotic Process Automation: A Path to the Cognitive Enterprise

There are signals revealing an emerging trend of alliance between RPA and cognitive technologies such as natural language processing and machine learning. In this paper Deloitte recounts them and points to ways in which companies can use a mix of tools to achieve end-to-end automation of their processes.  

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Get Ready for the Robots

With an extensive experience of having delivered RPA programs in over 20 countries, EY professionals ask what we’re all thinking: how do you get RPA right? By examining the common issues clients are facing throughout their automation journey, this paper clears the path towards more coherent models of RPA planning and implementation.  

There are business specific pitfalls, like omitting to have RPA led by the business, or just as well forgetting to include IT. A big one is not considering the fact that RPA performs ideally when an internal RPA Centre of Excellence is built to sustain and scale the automation strategically. Other important issues arise during evaluation and delivery, when targeting candidate processes can miss the mark, or when the delivery methodologies are scrambled, or the governance framework insufficiently prepared.  

Interestingly, EY explains how there is a multiplier effect whenever one or more of these issues are present, and how it can harm the project and the trust key holders have invested. Dive into the white paper to uncover the details. 

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Eyes on Automation

Guy Kirkwood delves into the depths of Robotic Process Automation industry, equipped to bring to surface first hand insights on what’s happening in the market. He looks at what characterizes RPA’s success, as well as what makes an RPA company excel at the front, and how the outsourcing and shared services organizations are adapting to the disruption.  

He then goes on and strips the technology to its essentials, tying to it the business qualities that should decorate the coat of arms of every robotic software product: the ability to automate more processes and to automate them more efficiently. He brings some real use case examples to back that up.

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Capgemini Consulting - RPA, the Next Revolution of Corporate Functions

In this whitepaper, Capgemini Consulting considers the ways in which robotic process automation (RPA) can be used as a way to transform and revolutionize a new wave of corporate functions. They suggest that “More than ever, technology reached a tipping point in the optimization of corporate functions. Similar to robotization of production lines in the 90’s, corporate functions are initiating today their robotic transformation/revolution. We believe robotic process automation or RPA is the lever that will take these corporate functions to the next level.”

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Accenture - A Holistic Approach to Insurance Automation

This whitepaper by Accenture explores the different ways in which insurance companies can make the most of robotic process automation (RPA) implementation. According to Accenture, insurers have a common challenge to combine organizational growth with cost reduction.

The authors suggest that “Robotic process automation programmes can deliver major benefits to insurance operations. But a more holistic approach will allow insurers to realise its full potential. Many insurers have set out on the journey of robotic process automation....In most cases, this has meant running pilots on simple business processes before scaling up to deliver more material benefits through an industrialised automation capability. Our experience shows that a holistic and integrated approach to these implementations is essential.”

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Accenture - Innovations in Finance and Risk

In this presentation by Accenture, the transformation of finance and risk operations by robotic process automation (RPA) is discussed. The presentation starts by covering the definition of RPA more broadly, how it is used to automate business processes, and benefits that can be obtained from RPA implementation in a broad sense. It then dives more deeply into the effects that RPA is able to make on finance and risk operations by providing sample use cases. The presentation concludes by exploring the steps involved in the automation journey and an expected time frame.

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Kinetic Consulting Services - The Case for Robotic Process Automation

In their publication entitled The Case for Robotic Process Automation, Kinetic Consulting Services widely covers robotic process automation, including a description of the software, the spectrum of the technology, which processes are ideal for automation, as well as the benefits that can be expected upon RPA deployment. The whitepaper also discusses the commercial business case for RPA use, strategic considerations for implementation, RPA as an innovation initiative, and finally concludes by elaborating on some of the organizations that are making use of RPA.

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