100% accurate Web Automation

Automate data entry on web forms

Finding the easy way
through the Web

Businesses and applications today are widely structured on web-based systems. Information that populates these systems is dense and demands extensive processing. Many of the tasks involved are repetitive, tedious and take up a lot of time
and money. This is where web automation comes in. Form filling, screen scraping, data extraction and transfer between applications, website testing and periodical report generation are major common tasks that can readily benefit from web automation.

How does it work?

UiPath Web Automation uses a built-in recorder that can read and enact web-based activities. It identifies web elements by their attributes and accurately manipulates them while keeping up with website changes. It works with any website, no matter how complex, and can be remotely deployed on various machines in the network. The graphical workflow editor is intuitive and requires no coding skills. Any of your employees can do it. By automating web-based workflows with UiPath, you save time and money. More importantly, you ensure that accuracy requirements are always met.