AI and RPA.​ Transformative technologies revolutionizing business operations.

With RPA's ability to handle routine tasks and AI's cognitive capabilities, you can streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and supercharge productivity. Ready to unlock the full potential of AI-powered automations and take your business to new heights? Let us show you how.

Technology’s new power couple

AI provides a cognitive upgrade for robotic process automation (RPA) robots, so it’s only fair that the robots return the favor. RPA can help you solve the ‘last mile’ challenge of AI deployment, so you get AI into production faster.

Daniel Dines, CEO UiPath

"The potential of automation is vast. We believe the power of AI can make it almost limitless. And so, we've built AI into every part of the UiPath Platform."

Daniel Dines

Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, UiPath

Unlock the true potential of AI with RPA

While AI can generate valuable insights and predictions, it’s RPA that turns those insights into action to achieve tangible results.



size of AI global market by 2026 — Forbes


of enterprises will combine human expertise with AI, ML, NLP by 2026—IDC


productivity growth by 2030 — PwC Research
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"We estimate that nearly 100% of enterprises will use AI by 2025. AI is the fastest growing workload on the planet. If you want to scale your enterprise intelligence and raise the collective IQ of the enterprise, you have to have a way to scale it. That’s what AI does. And the automation platform is how you scale AI."

Mike Gualtieri

Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester

Where we apply AI

With AI, RPA robots can emulate a wide range of the decision making and problem solving that people do—which expands the range of work that you can automate. Here is where we’ve prioritized the use of AI across the UiPath Business Automation Platform:

Discover—Continuously uncover opportunities for process and task improvements, ​helping you identify the highest-ROI areas.

Automate—Get more done with a digital workforce that seamlessly collaborates with your people ​and automates work via UI and API, powered with native-integrated AI​​.

Operate—Get an enterprise-grade foundation to run and optimize a ​mission-critical automation program at high scale.

AI-powered automations drive industry innovation

Every industry has those tasks where it’s easy to get bogged down with data, verification, and analysis. With the combination of RPA and AI, you can streamline those processes and free your human workforce to focus on tasks where they can have a greater impact.  

  • Task analysis

    Automatically identify and aggregate employee workflows and apply AI to zero-in on the repetitive tasks to add to your automation pipeline.

    Learn more about Task Mining
  • Communications mining

    Quickly, accurately identify problems and automation opportunities across customer and employee journeys. Increase scale, drive efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. 

    Learn more about communications mining
  • Invoice processing

    Thermo Fisher Scientific cuts invoice processing time by 70% for 824,000 documents processed annually​

    Read the case study
  • Claims processing

    Through human-like recognition of user interface elements, UiPath AI Computer Vision automates claims processing tasks that span virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments.

    Learn more about AI Computer Vision
  • Email management

    Deliver a richer customer experience by prioritizing and responding to customer emails immediately. Robots can detect intent, identify urgent issues, and extract critical information to speed response.

    Watch the demo
  • Prediction validation

    UiPath Action Center brings humans to validate ML model predictions. Robots then send human-validated data back for automatic retraining. The model gets smarter with human inputs.

    Visit Action Center
  • Sick leave processing

    A manufacturing company’s HR specialists save 85% of time previously spent on manual sick leave submissions – allowing them to focus on more valuable business tasks.

    Read the case study

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Accelerate automation deployment

Automatically identify and aggregate employee workflows and apply AI to zero-in on the repetitive tasks to add to your automation pipeline.

Learn more about Task Mining

Operationalizing AI

For UiPath, AI isn’t an add-on or complementary technology. We believe in the power of AI to transform, so we’ve built AI into every part of the UiPath Platform.

Industry-leading models to supercharge your AI-powered automations

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Get the latest from our AI experts

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AI in the real world

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