Everest Group IDP Products PEAK Matrix Assessment 2023 UiPath named a Leader

Product and Updates

June 7, 2023

UiPath named a Leader in Everest Group IDP Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

A new report from the Everest Group, the PEAK Matrix ® Assessment 2023, highlights UiPath as a Leader in Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Products.

combining  process mining and communications mining business process transformation


June 6, 2023

Business process transformation: Process mining meets communications mining

Uncover the potential of process and communications mining, and how they can be used together to drive end-to-end automation and capture the complete customer journey.

How AI tools allow humans to work more creatively


May 31, 2023

AI tools will allow humans to do what we do best: Work creatively

Learn how AI is rehumanizing work, and explore the potential of generative AI tools to unlock human creativity and make work more meaningful.

Enhancements that make a difference to the next generation of process mining

Product and Updates

May 30, 2023

The next generation of UiPath Process Mining: Enhancements that make a difference

Discover why now is the perfect time for UiPath customers to migrate from standalone UiPath Process Mining and take advantage of the benefits that come with the UiPath Platform.

How UiPath saved $50 million with UiPath technology


May 25, 2023

Saving $50 million with our own tech

The UiPath CoE celebrates over $50 million of cumulative cost avoidance via the AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform. Read the top lessons we learned along the way.

AI not magic but will transform automation


May 24, 2023

AI isn't magic, but it will transform automation

Discover how the C-suite can leverage the power of generative AI to automate complex processes, create personalized experiences for customers, and generate new ideas.

Redefining AI-powered automation from routine to revolutionary


May 23, 2023

Redefining AI-powered automation: From routine to revolutionary

Discover how automation and AI can drive growth, delight customers, and transform organizations with insights from UiPath Chief Product Officer Graham Sheldon.

AI strategies for business success


May 16, 2023

Delivering AI strategies for business success

Get an insider's view of the different AI technologies at the core of the UiPath Business Automation Platform.

UiPath Heatmap and Change Impact Analysis for SAP

Product and Updates

May 15, 2023

Introducing the Heatmap and Change Impact Analysis for SAP: Unlocking test prioritization

Discover how two new UiPath Test Suite features make it easier than ever to quickly test your SAP system.

AI powers new rules of RPA conversation with Leslie Joseph Forrester


May 11, 2023

An AI summer powers 10 new golden rules of RPA

UiPath CMO Bobby Patrick shares his top automation and AI takeaways from his 1:1 discussion with Leslie Joseph, Principal Analyst, Forrester.

UiPath 2023.4 release delivers AI-powered automation

Product and Updates

May 10, 2023

UiPath Release 2023.4: Delivering AI-powered automation

Discover the latest AI updates enabling customers to benefit from innovation via the AI ecosystem, and take advantage of generative experiences and foundational models.

UiPath 2023.4 release step-change improvements for developers

Product and Updates

May 10, 2023

UiPath 2023.4 release brings step-change improvements for developers

See how the 2023.4 release is packed with features that help developers implement better processes.

Get faster ways to capture and measure automation's value

Product and Updates

May 10, 2023

Get faster ways to capture automation’s value—and better ways to measure it

Get our newest product innovations in the 2023.4 release, which provide faster robots, enhanced automation ROI calculations, pipeline management, and integrations.

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