How to build your UiPath AI Summit 2023 agenda

UiPath AI Summit 2023 agenda

Achieving success with artificial intelligence (AI) and automation requires a combination of innovative strategies and cutting-edge technologies. And if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and gain valuable insights, there's no better option than attending the UiPath AI Summit on March 30 at 10:00 am GMT, 11:00 am EDT, or 2:00 pm AEDT. At the virtual summit, you'll discover how to unlock the full potential of AI and automation to drive efficiency and innovation in your business.

This year, we are excited to bring you an even bigger and better virtual experience, with more sessions, more expert speakers, and more opportunities to learn and connect. The agenda is designed to provide attendees with a truly personalized experience. You can choose your own journey by selecting sessions that are most relevant to your field, interests, and expertise.

Keynote session

Attending the keynote session is a must for anyone interested in AI and automation, regardless of your industry or product focus. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity at the beginning of the summit.

  • The Intersection of AI, NLP, and Automation: Redefining Business Operations for the Future

Learn about the latest AI and natural language processing (NLP) trends that are revolutionizing the enterprise landscape, and get an overview of current UiPath AI products and capabilities.

Two sets of breakout sessions

Following the keynote session, there will be two sets of breakout sessions available for you to attend, each of which will last for 30 minutes. First, you'll be able to join the breakout session that aligns with your particular industry of interest, including banking, insurance, healthcare, public sector, and manufacturing:

  • The Power of AI-Driven Automation in Financial Services: Challenges, Successes, and Best Practices

  • Transforming Insurance Operations: Optimizing Costs with AI-powered Automation

  • From Document-Driven Processes to Data-Driven Healthcare with AI & Automation

  • Driving Mission Impact with AI & Automation in Public Sector

  • The Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Harnessing AI and Automation to Optimize Business Processes

Following the first industry breakout session, there will be another set of breakout sessions to choose from, which will be product-specific, featuring:

  • Document Understanding: Best Practices & Success Metrics That Matter

  • Communications Mining: Combine AI and Automation to Understand and Action Every Message at Speed and Scale

  • Leveraging the Power of AI Center™: Building and Deploying Custom Models

Having a hard time selecting just one of the breakout sessions? UiPath Summit attendees will be able to access the session recordings on demand after the event.

Closing session 

Immediately after the second breakout sessions end, we’ll all regroup for the concluding session:

  • Building the Future of AI + Automation: From the Lab to the Roadmap

The final session of the AI Summit will give you a peek into the future. Our team will guide you through the UiPath AI roadmap, discuss how we enable generative AI experiences, and honor AI ambassadors and innovators with the AI Community Awards.

UiPath AI Summit 2023 promises to be an incredible event. With a diverse range of sessions and expert speakers, attendees are sure to come away with valuable insights and new connections. So, mark your calendars, customize your journey, and get ready to immerse yourself in the world of AI and automation.

judy lee uipath
Judy Lee

Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

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