Eight Reasons to Use Process Mining in Your Organization

reasons to use process mining

Process mining is taking the world by storm, as organizations become more aware of the potential value of the data in their systems. 

In times of global economic challenges, when resources are limited and time puts pressure, it is vital to keep processes under control and operate fast and efficiently. Every decision taken today will result in your business performance next year.

Process mining is a powerful technology that enables you with that control for business resiliency.

Now, you’ve probably heard of process mining and some of its applications, but may not be sure of the main reasons your company would need it.

We’ve come up with eight compelling reasons for why your company should be using process mining today.

1. Know what’s really going on in your company

Most managers believe they have a pretty good grip on things when it comes to the processes in their organization. They have these processes defined and written down in manuals so that everyone knows what to do.

But when you ask individuals involved in these processes about their jobs, you often come across some deviations. You are still only scratching the surface, and the truth is often more complex.

By looking at all available corporate system data relating to processes, you get 100% information coverage and no activity escapes the eye. Process mining helps you understand what’s really going on inside your organization.


2. Act on facts, not assumptions

As rational as you think you may be, many decisions in companies today are made based on gut feelings. That may be fine (not really) for mundane tasks or small issues, but do you want to make an important decision or drive organizational change without the right facts and figures to back you up?

That’s where process mining comes in. The technology provides you with the insights you need to make the right decisions about your business.

3. Finally make the most of available data

Many large organizations don’t realize that they are sitting on a data gold mine. They use plenty of IT systems (such as SAP or Salesforce) in their daily operations and there are vast amounts of data available in these systems.

Companies would often use business intelligence (BI) tools to try make use of this data. But it can be difficult to access, especially if the data is spread out over different systems. With BI only, you don't have a centralized overview.

Process mining can help you bridge this gap by combining data from multiple sources and presenting it in one intuitive solution.

4. Continuous monitoring and improvement

Gaining insight into what is happening in your organization is one thing. Being able to use these insights for continuous monitoring and improvement is a whole different ballgame. That is where process mining is unbeatable.

By comparing your performance over time, process mining allows you to put these insights to good use. You can measure the effectiveness of your changes and, as a result, make your business transformation more successful. In real time, you can see what works and what doesn’t when you make changes to your processes.

5. Increase efficiency and reduce risk

Every company is unique and has its own set of ambitions and targets. Yet, for many large organizations, the issues they face often boil down to two overarching themes: efficiency and risk.

Process mining helps identify bottlenecks and creates full transparency on your business processes. Thus, analyzing workflows with process mining is the ideal solution to address both efficiency and risk-related problems.

6. Unravel complexity

The amount of data available in your organization’s IT systems can be overwhelming. Not to mention the complex database structures and countless tables full of information – often spread out over many systems. Trying to make sense of it all can be a daunting task.

Process mining simplifies things by presenting you with easy-to-use dashboards for fast analysis. UiPath Process Mining even has an ability to zoom in all the way to the individual case level with only the click of a button.

7. A single point of truth

Share the wealth! Use the insights you gain from process mining data analysis for reporting purposes. You can export any of the dashboards and process graphs from UiPath Process Mining to include in your own report, memo, or presentation.

Going one step further, you can give other colleagues access to their own process dashboards as well. Define who gets to see what, so that everyone can access the information they need to excel in their day-to-day operations.

As a result of everyone referring to the same data, you can ensure alignment and enhance the decision making in your business.

8. Strategically scaling RPA efforts

Process mining is not only about reducing risks and inefficiencies, but also tasks. With thorough insights on a process (see the image below), you will be able to dive deeper and detect more automation opportunities. Looking at the actual process graph you can see what process steps are being skipped, overcomplicated, repeated, and prioritize the automation for faster ROI.

process workflow process mining uipath

As you automate mundane tasks spotted by a process mining tool, you also increase employees’ satisfaction and unlock human potential.

Process mining is key to building organizational resiliency

So, there you have it, eight powerful reasons process mining should be a key part of your organizational strategy.

Join us for a webinar to discuss how process mining can help you enhance business resiliency during this uncertain time. Even if you can't make it, be sure to save your spot so you'll have access to the recording afterwards.

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Frederik de Hosson

RVP, Sales Specialist, UiPath

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