Over $56 million saved using our own AI-powered automation

UiPath Q3 FY24 Over $56 million saved using our own AI-powered automation

The future of any organization in the face of digital revolution hinges on leveraging cutting-edge technology to its full potential.

I work as the Senior Director of the UiPath Center of Excellence (CoE), and just a heads up—we use our own tech. We use the UiPath Business Automation Platform to not only streamline our operations but also to return over 1.12 million cumulative hours back to UiPathers. For the company, it means over $56 million in cumulative cost avoidance.

Sound impressive? I'll explain more in today’s blog post.

If you’re new to this series, every quarter we update our community on our internal automation progress.

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As the third quarter (Q3) of our fiscal year 2024 (FY24) closed, we had more than 700 automations in play, delivering an additional 50,000 hours of increased efficiency in Q3 alone.

UiPath automation center of excellence performance Q3 FY24

Our game plan for expanding and successfully launching advanced AI-powered automations is all about leveraging the extensive capabilities of the UiPath Business Automation Platform—combined with bold experimentation and detailed problem-solving.

During the last quarter, one of the CoE’s main focuses was uncovering synergies across our platform to ensure maximum productivity and efficiency.

By adopting updates available in the latest UiPath releases and collaborating closely with product teams, we not only stay at the forefront of innovation but actively contribute to shaping the platform's evolution. It's not just about keeping pace; it's about leading the way.

Let's dive into a couple of examples of how we've maximized the potential of the UiPath Platform within UiPath.

Elevating work beyond copying and pasting with automation and AI

Ever get tired of the monotonous task of copying and pasting data from one application to another? Inside UiPath, we've ditched this dull routine thanks to UiPath Clipboard AI™. A couple of bragging rights: we were the first to get the full benefit of Clipboard AI, which got the seal of approval as one of TIME's Best Inventions of 2023.

Clipboard AI liberates people from mindless copying and pasting, makes tasks effortless, and minimizes errors. And does so without any coding required. All this is possible with a strong combination of automation and industry-leading AI.

UiPath Clipboard AI - AI for the rest of us

UiPath Clipboard AI is a no-code app that can pull out relevant data from any screenshots, scans, or screens and it makes this data ready to use instantly. It simplifies data transfers across various spreadsheets, documents, and applications by intelligently understanding screens and accurately placing essential data.

Starting October 2023, UiPathers could say goodbye to manually copying spreadsheet after spreadsheet and pasting the data into dozens of applications. Now we can fill out a travel form from a picture of a passport or ease our work with scanned documents required by different official systems.

With Clipboard AI, we're not just streamlining workflows—we're liberating people from mundane tasks to focus on bigger and better things.

How UiPath uses Clipboard AI example data matching on receipt entry

Now that Clipboard AI is available to all UiPath employees, the CoE is working to identify the departments that will benefit most from this productivity booster. Then, we’ll aid those departments in the enablement process.

To start, the Finance department has 15 use cases already in the pipeline. One use case involves streamlining vendor onboarding. With the help of Clipboard AI, data from two different unstructured pages and an attached document will be fed into NetSuite. No manual input needed.

Improving event experiences

We love packed booths at events. The potential for meaningful conversations and new connections is immense. But managing the crowd, taking manual notes, and then following up can be tedious. Well, what if we could make things smoother for both attendees and booth staff?

Meet Dhruv Patel, Senior Sales Solution Architect at UiPath, and creator of our incredible booth app. By leveraging multiple capabilities across the UiPath Platform, he's not just made managing event booths a breeze, he's completely upgraded the experience.

It's a great example of leveraging different technologies to build powerful AI-powered automations that can then be made available to multiple teams. Utilizing UiPath Apps, Data Service, Serverless Robots, Studio Web, and Integration Service, the app streamlined booth activities at events like FORWARD VI and the AI4 conference.

In Q3, the app got stronger with a mix of UiPath capabilities and customizations.

Patel's automation operates seamlessly through UiPath Apps, offering conference attendees a personalized experience. They scan a QR code, choose the information they want, and the content gets sent directly to their email. No waiting around, no waste of paper (hello to a more sustainable option). For the booth crew, it's a dream—not only is lead processing time faster, but there’s also no more messy, manual notetaking. The app accommodates multiple content sources, from documentation links to YouTube videos and white papers.

UiPath Booth app created by citizen developer

The best part? It gives insights into attendee interests, allowing us to follow up in a more informed way, boosting efficiency during the sales process, according to Patel.

One major advantage in empowering your own citizen developers is that all your employees can benefit from their automations. Patel's booth app is self-service. Vikram Parolkar, Test Suite Principal Sales Solutions Architect at UiPath, customized it for the UiPath Test Suite booth at FORWARD VI.

"At every single conference I've attended for UiPath, we have always had a large crowd at our booth. This is a great thing. However, scanning people’s badges, taking notes, and generating actionable leads is difficult. Furthermore, following up right after you've had amazing conversations and demos at a conference booth is critical to reliable lead generation and opportunity creation,” explained Parolkar.

Thanks to Patel’s app, Parolkar could quickly create customized booth app experiences for all attendees.

At FORWARD VI, we generated many actionable leads. My team now has a list of folks who are truly interested in UiPath Test Suite. Thanks to the speed of UiPath Apps, we could follow up with those individuals instantaneously.

Vikram Parolkar, Test Suite Principal Sales Solutions Architect, UiPath

Looking ahead, the development of the app doesn't stop there. Patel is working to incorporate UiPath Document Understanding capabilities. Imagine a future where attendees simply take a picture of their badge, and the app does the rest for them.

Moreover, the app's potential extends beyond events. Envision having the app power QR codes in email signatures (or any location where a QR code can be scanned), providing a seamless way for the email recipient to receive customized content.

UiPath CoE lead on stage at TechEd Day 2023

And speaking of FORWARD VI + TechEd Day...did you have a chance to catch the CoE's sessions? If not, stay tuned, we'll be sharing highlights from the CoE at the conference in an upcoming blog post.

More updates from the CoE

Increased efficiency doesn't just lie in the technology itself, but also in how we use it—and that's what we're continuously working to improve. We’re optimizing our processes to maximize the value of UiPath capabilities.

To streamline operations, we're working on global alignment and standardization of our internal automations. This makes our automation initiatives not just powerful but also efficient.

Stay tuned for more updates on our automation journey!

If you missed the recent Platform Spotlight: The 2023.10 Release virtual event, catch the replay with the on-demand recording. Or explore the entire 2023.10 release blog series (we recommend starting with this release overview blog post).

Florentina Irimia UiPath CoE
Florentina Irimia

Senior Director, CoE, UiPath

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