UiPath Hackweek: At the intersection of culture and innovation

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Every year, we set the stage for an exciting event that fuels creativity and ignites innovation within our organization. It's none other than our highly anticipated internal hackathon known as Hackweek. This event offers a chance for UiPathers to take a step from their daily responsibilities and fully engage with our products.

This year, our annual Hackweek event revolves around the theme of InnoVenture. A competition that invites our colleagues to address important challenges, harness our technology, and explore its applicability across various use cases. The goal of this initiative goes beyond improving our platform; it aims to revolutionize our organizational approach and operations.

Launched in May, we warmly welcomed all employees to participate and submit their ideas in the categories of Product Innovation, Productivity & Collaboration, Culture, and Tech for Good, as we believe great ideas can come from within our organization. Hackweek isn't solely an internal event; it's an inclusive opportunity for every UiPather to contribute their ideas and work together towards a shared vision of innovation and growth. It's strongly encouraged that the participating teams are formed with members from different departments, fostering cross-functional collaboration and ensuring a diverse range of perspectives.

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When Nivita Dhameja, Program Manager Learning Alliances, first saw the Hackweek announcement, she didn't hesitate—she knew right away she wanted to be a part of Hackweek. And her next thought? She had to get a team together!

She reached out to her dear friend Radhika Adoni, also part of the Learning Alliances team, who sat at her desk, brimming with curiosity about Nivita's plans. Radhika is known for her warmth and inventive thinking and was exactly who Nivita wanted on her team. She eagerly agreed to join Nivita on this adventure, and the two began carefully considering what to submit for their Hackweek project. Tapping into their shared interests and experiences, they decided to choose the Culture category. It was an area they both deeply connected to and believed they could make meaningful contributions to.

They aimed to promote inclusivity and foster deeper connections among employees on a personal level. However, with only an idea in mind and minimal technical expertise, they found themselves at a crossroads. "In true Shakespearean fashion, we pondered, 'To submit or not to submit?'" Nivita shared.

Although they felt they had a brilliant idea, they needed technical assistance to bring it to life. That's when Roxana Stratila, Culture Program Manager, stepped in. She suggested the duo submit their idea and then ask for technical assistance. This encouragement from Roxana motivated them to ensure they wouldn't miss out Hackweek, and reminded them, good ideas come from everyone at UiPath!

Following their shared passion for innovation, Saranya K R, Senior RPA Developer, Abhishek S, RPA Developer II, and Priya Kannan, RPA Developer, all part of Technology Services department, joined forces with Nivita and Radhika to form a strong and dynamic team.

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With a mission to transcend the barriers of distance, they embarked on a project aimed at harnessing the power of diversity and collaboration for the betterment of our organization. Through UiVibe Sync, they strive to nurture strong relationships, fostering a harmonious environment that unleashes the full potential of their collective efforts.

As the group delved into the technical aspects of their project, they encountered both exciting breakthroughs and formidable challenges along the way. They established a dedicated communication channel on Slack, allowing them to have real-time discussions, share resources, and seek help when needed. This instant connectivity helped foster a sense of unity and enabled them to address technical roadblocks efficiently.

"We teamed up as passionate individuals with a common interest in leveraging technology to empower culture," shared Radhika. "We dove into extensive research to understand the cultural landscape and current challenges faced within the organization, to discover more about each other and existing platforms."

The diverse team members brought together their unique expertise in development, design, and cultural studies. Their planning phase included creating a detailed roadmap, setting objectives, and dividing tasks effectively to optimize productivity during Hackweek.

Development with UiPath Business Automation Platform

To enhance the project's functionality, the team integrated UiPath Apps, Robots, and Data Service. With the UiPath Business Automation Platform, the team could complete all tasks, including data collection and storing a collection of employee interests and preferences.

"We focused on creating an appealing, captivating and user-friendly interface for UiVibe Sync using UiPath Forms," said Saranya. "With careful consideration of user experience, we designed an intuitive UI that showcased employee preferences and facilitated seamless collaboration."

Continuous testing and iteration were key to success. With the help of colleagues, the team gathered valuable feedback and incorporated suggestions into the development process. This iterative approach allowed them to refine the solution and tailor it to meet user needs effectively.

Throughout Hackweek, we encountered challenges that tested our technical prowess and problem-solving skills."

"However, with the help of UiPath, through robust error-handling mechanisms, debugging features, and fellow UiPathers, we were able to overcome obstacles and fine-tune our solution for optimal performance," Abhishek said.

"Participating in Hackweek was an incredible experience that blended technology and culture seamlessly. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate, learn, and create something meaningful," said Priya. "Let's keep harnessing technology's power to enrich and preserve our cultural heritage!"

UiPath Hackweek is an exciting time each year. We invite you to follow our blog to find out updates about our Hackweek Awards Ceremony and the winners for each category!

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Angelica Svolos

Internal Communications Intern, UiPath