Humans of UiPath: Celine Verhoef on Process Mining and Swimming Very Fast

a photo of Celine Verhoef and her colleagues

Celine Verhoef is a Junior Solution Engineer, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. UiPath Process Mining is an advanced platform for continuous business process optimization. It takes data from IT systems and transforms it into intuitive process-visualizations, providing a holistic view of business processes. And Celine is part of that team. “Through Process Mining, a company can monitor and analyze its processes. For example, an invoicing process can be analyzed from the moment you received that invoice, following through all the departments that have to check it and until the actual payment” she says.  

Celine’s story with UiPath started a bit unexpectedly. Just to give you a bit of context, ProcessGold was a company located in Eindhoven, Netherlands and acquired by UiPath in 2019. By the time of the acquisition, Celine has already finished her internship with the company and joined them permanently.

When I signed the contract, I heard some rumors about the acquisition, but it was not official. When I came back from my holiday, I was already working for UiPath. It was really cool”, she remembers.  

The culture at UiPath is very similar to what it used to be like in their office, so it was a very smooth transition. “I think there’s a nice atmosphere in our office and within the company in general. Some of us used to study at the same University and we know each other really well. And the nicest thing about this relationship is the fact that we organize a lot of activities and we spend a lot of time together outside of work as well. The type of things that you would normally do with your group of friends... we do it with our colleagues.” 

Outside her work, Celine has a very active life. Her life-long passion is swimming. Combining that with cycling and running makes it a perfect combo for a triathlon. “I’ve practicing swimming since I was very young. It’s something that I enjoy very much. Eventually, I started to learn how to swim very fast.” This year she was preparing for a triathlon, but then COVID-19 happened and it got canceled.

Talking about her growth since joining UiPath, Celine mentions that she improved her skills a lot. “This is my very first job, other than college jobs. It’s very nice to finally apply all the things I’ve learned about during college. And I really enjoy the fact that there’s plenty of variation in my day-to-day tasks.”

a portrait photo of Mircea Mocanu, Employer Branding Manager at UiPath
Mircea Mocanu

Employer Branding Manager, UiPath