Humans of UiPath: Tech Writers in Bucharest on Translating Code into Words

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As a technical writer, you'll have the chance to write about all the great products developed at UiPath. Explain in plain and simple words the wonders done by our robots so that everybody can make use of our latest technologies.”

This is our intro for the Tech Writer job posting. But let’s hear it from some of the Technical Writers based in our office in Bucharest, Romania. Meet Alexandra Vaidos, Eliza Bailicenco, Alexandru Drulea, and Rares Prisacariu.

“I like to say that we are the ones translating code into words”, says Rares, who joined the team in May this year. “I feel like we are the bridge between the product and the end-user, whoever that end-user might be. We filter all the information that goes out there”, says Alexandra, who’s been with UiPath for more than two years.

The team has people with diverse backgrounds. Alexandra has worked as an editor for a tech-news website. Then she decided to switch to technical writing and worked for another company for eight months before joining UiPath. Rares worked most of his career in product support and technical documentation writing. Alexandru had a few copywriting jobs. Eliza worked as a technical writer for many companies and industries, including industrial robots.  

Rares got a phone call during the pandemic and decided to move to Bucharest. “I wasn’t expecting this enthusiasm. I love the fact that we share our ideas and I don't just get a list of things to do. I think the standards are very high and that’s why this company is a great place to grow.”

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Alexandru has been with UiPath for almost four years now. The company was so small back then, that every person who joined had to take an interview with Daniel Dines. “I remember that we talked for 10 minutes about the actual job. And then we somehow got to SF literature. We spent the next 30 minutes talking about our favorite books. This was probably the only time in my life when my love for Asimov helped me.” And he feels that it was back then when the culture at UiPath was born. One of the things he still likes a lot is using Slack for business communication. “I can reach out to anyone in no time. There’s no procedure or anything like this. People are always willing to help.”

Eliza feels she is surrounded by nice and smart people. “Working with the newest technologies is one of the main reasons people should join. Writing articles about such technologies helps a lot with the adoption of that product.” She enjoys that she can talk about work, as well as her latest favorite album or show on TV. When it comes to working at UiPath, Alexandra feels she has a voice. “You don’t feel like you just get a list of tasks to do. You can always share your opinion. And you can always ask for feedback, no matter who you are talking to. This has been in our culture from the very beginning.”

Outside work, their lives are quite interesting too. Rares loves traveling with his motorcycle to more uncommon places. And exploring. “Even when I moved to Bucharest, this was one of the first things I did. I enjoy walking in smaller parks or other nice places that are not so crowded.” He also plays golf every now and then and loves photography. Alexandra enjoys traveling and now she’s learning how to play the piano. “I’m practicing with different videos on YouTube.”

Alexandru is part of a rock band, with two other UiPathers and this is his main passion. “Ideally, my life would be a never-ending tour. But I know that’s very hard and that’s why I chose this career. It brings me joy, and I can still enjoy spending time with the band.” His band performed for the Christmas party in Romania last year and it was amazing. “It was great for us to perform in front of our colleagues!”

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Eliza has studied Biology and has a huge passion for nature. One of the NGOs she’s working for is helping bats. “During the winter, we have to keep them inside. And they need to eat, just like babies. They are actually very nice creatures.” She also does contemporary dancing and stamps painting.

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Mircea Mocanu

Employer Branding Manager, UiPath