Humans of UiPath: Vittoria Chan on Switching Roles at UiPath

a photo of Vittoria Chan

Changing roles at UiPath is something familiar to a lot of our employees. As the business developed, some UiPathers realized that their skills and knowledge are suitable in other departments and decided to change. It was the same for Vittoria Chan, who currently works as an RPA Consultant in our office in Hong Kong after being part of the Customer Success Team at the beginning of her adventure at UiPath. 

At the beginning, I was supporting the Customer Success Team. But then after I helped the Professional Services with some tasks, and the team in APAC was coming to life, I was offered a job in their team. By the end of 2019, I was officially a part of this new team”, says Vittoria.

The main part of Vittoria’s job is to create a strong and powerful relationship with the customer. “Part of my specific tasks is to build processes and test the robots. I sometimes deliver training presentations to clients”, Vittoria mentions. 

One of the main challenges of her job is to get customers to understand the power of RPA. “Once you set a process, they are so excited about the robot and then they become more responsive, more eager to find new processes to implement.”

Before coming to UiPath, Vittoria worked in the banking industry for many years. “These companies need very accurate processes. And they are quite reluctant to change, if things go well. But when it comes to UiPath, things happen so fast. But this is part of our culture”, she continues. 

Travelling is one of the things Vittoria loves the most. “We are part of a regional team and I like the fact that I travel for work as well. But then I also love to just go outside of town for some hiking or to the islands for some time off. And I love to learn new things all the time. Even if it’s just handy crafts or making stuff from scratch.”

a photo of Vittoria Chan's team

Vittoria feels like her skills were upgraded since joining UiPath. “As I said, I used to work for financial institutions. And it's very different. I’ve barely touched base with the commercial side of the business. Here, at UiPath we work closely with the sales and pre-sales departments. Since joining, I had many chances to visit customers and talk to them. Getting feedback from them and improving our product is very different from what I’ve been doing before.”

a portrait photo of Mircea Mocanu, Employer Branding Manager at UiPath
Mircea Mocanu

Employer Branding Manager, UiPath