Interns of UiPath: Challenges and Opportunities in the Sales Department

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Our cohort of sales interns learned how to adapt quickly. Whether it was finishing out the school year remotely or securing and starting a virtual internship in one of the worst economies in history, they have persevered with grit and purpose.

Sean Kay, Area Vice President of Sales, helped to get this sales internship program off the ground.

“The goal of the internship program is to expose early career folks to a hyper growth sales organization. We are putting them through the paces of what we expect from all our new hires and evaluating how they handle the experience. We get an opportunity to see how they align against our cultural values and they get an early view into what a sales career could be like long term. It is a win for everyone!”

The interns also have an opportunity to be converted to a full-time sales position during their 4-month internship. 

Sophia Auteri has exemplified this adaptability from an incredibly young age, moving back to the United States after spending her first 10 years living in Switzerland and Italy. She also is fluent in both Italian and Spanish. “I had to learn for both sides of my family. My mother’s side is Bolivian and my dad’s side is Italian. I think all the moving around has helped me become who I am today, and I can easily adapt to most situations.” She recently graduated with a B.A in Business–Music Industry, but kept her options open when looking for opportunities. Sophia keeps a close connection to the music industry and loves to sing outside work.

I come from a background in the music business and didn’t really know much about tech. Through UiPath Academy, I have learned so much about RPA in a span of less than a month. I feel like I have learned more in a month than in four years of schooling. Choosing UiPath was probably the best decision I have made. I love it.”

Brandon Hardy first learned about RPA while reading a book. “I was reading a book called ‘The Future is Faster Than You Think.’ It’s about converging technologies, RPA, and business automation software. I ended up going to LinkedIn and found UiPath and applied. I was really intrigued to be a part of one of the fastest growing companies out there.” After finishing out his collegiate experience online due to the pandemic, he was excited to make the best of starting an internship online as well. “Working virtually has been really exciting and I have enjoyed it because I wasn't working during four months of the summer. The people are amazing. Everyone tells me to put time on their calendar so we can chat, including the heads of departments and leaders. I love that I can easily meet people.” Brandon is also an avid traveler, studying abroad at five countries, and recently started his own clothing line.

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Dan Tremsky has recently been promoted to a full-time sales position at UiPath. “This is my first full-time position ever. In many different ways, UiPath allows me to come into the company and truly be myself. For example, I just messaged Thomas Hansen, our CRO, and Daniel Dines, our CEO, today. I wanted to share an idea that I had with Thomas and UiPath allows that openness of communication for me to do that. And for me to reach out to our CEO and get a reply right away, just confirms that I am a member of this company.” The transition from intern to a full-time employee has gone pretty smoothly for Dan. “We are allowed to be ourselves in the sales calls and don’t have to read from scripts. Working for a company that sells an absolutely insane product and working with people every day perfectly fits my personality.” Outside UiPath, Dan has been making YouTube videos since he was 11 and is a passionate gamer. He recently made a video about the life of an UiPath intern, which you can check out below.

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Jessi Smith

Jessi is a former Global Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging Manager at UiPath, where she also played a significant role in the Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition teams. She dedicated 4 years to working with the company.