Meet the Leaders: Ofer Rahum, General Manager—Israel

a photo of Ofer Rahum

This series will give you the opportunity to get to know some of the Leaders at UiPath. They are the ones who carry a lot of extra responsibilities on top of overseeing projects and processes. They make sure to hire the right people for their teams. They act like coaches and they support you to become the best version of yourself. 

We have some talented colleagues in UiPath. They are passionate, they are resourceful and they're willing to create something that’s never been created before. 

We are happy to introduce Ofer Rahum. He joined UiPath in May 2019 as country manager to open the UiPath Israeli subsidiary. As advocates of an Automation First mindset, he and his team aim to empower our business and public sector clients to leverage software robots and free their employees of repetitive, mundane tasks, thus increasing their efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

Tell us a bit about your career journey so far. How did you get to where you are today? 😊

I joined UiPath from Como, where I worked as Chief Business Officer, after spending more than 15 years at tech giant Microsoft on various top leadership positions.

What was one of the most important turning points of your career? What did you learn from that experience?

The turning point of my career was when I understood that I can combine my passion for business and technology and start working in sales and business development in technology companies. Joining Microsoft was the best school to learn about technology and business.

What made you choose UiPath out of all the other tech companies out there?

I love the vision of UiPath and the solution we can offer to customers. But the most important factors in my decision were the people, the culture and the leaders. All these make UiPath the best place to work for.  On top of that, at UiPath our work has an impact: it changes the way people will work in the future.

How would you describe your team? Think of people, projects, mission, anything that somebody looking to join your team should know.

The team is highly motivated and looking forward to helping local companies join the digital revolution and reap the benefits of automation. They are also focused on growing our business in Israel and developing the partner ecosystem.

a photo of Ofer Rahum's team

What's important for you when choosing a new employee? What would you advise candidates who want to interview for a job in your team?

When choosing a new employee for our team I look for team players who have a passion for technology. They must be eager to learn both by themselves and from others and develop their skills. I am looking for people who love to help customers and partners. I also make sure the new employees will share the core values of UiPath as a company—be humble, bold, immersed and fast. 

a portrait photo of Viorela Marcu, Culture Architect at UiPath
Viorela Marcu

Culture Architect, UiPath