Team Spotlight: Global Product Support Team on How to Keep the Customers Satisfied

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There’s over 50 of us in the team split between the United States, Romania, India and other countries. And we have a very strong relationship. Some of us had the chance to meet in person, which is great. But we’re trying to make sure that everyone in the team is connected, even the ones who joined after the pandemic.”  

This is how Vladimir Bejan first described his team. He works as a Technical Support Lead for the UiPath team in Bucharest. His job is to keep the customers happy. And it goes the same for the entire team. “Our global team solve most of the tickets, few of them are reaching product team. And customers are appreciating our support.” Seeing good feedback from the clients is Vladmir’s greatest satisfaction. 

Before joining UiPath, Vladimir had spent 8 years in another big company. For the first three of them he was in the Sales department, before joining the Support team. “I was a bit tired of doing the same thing regularly. I always loved coding and never really got the chance to do it properly. I did learn some by myself and worked on some small projects on freelance platforms just because I wanted to test my skills. And I loved making my life easier with automation.” He started looking for a job and found out that UiPath might be a good fit. "I wanted a mix of support and other activities as well. And UiPath was perfect. Our roles are quite different from a regular support position.” 

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Max Lillo, who’s also part of the Global Support Team, feels the same about his role. “We support the customer journey, and we try to be a resource. If they contact us, they know that we can help solve their problems.” Max went to Colorado State University and studied mechanical engineering. He got a job that seemed exciting in the beginning, but after a few years he was a bit tired of the same routine. He went to Vancouver to study Philosophy and Religious Studies.

After finishing the MA program, which was around November 2018, he started looking for a job. And he got a message from a recruiter at UiPath asking him to come for an interview.  

I looked it up on Glassdoor. It was this weird company I've never heard of. I understood what they did because I've done automation before. I got why that technology would be useful. And the reviews on Glassdoor were a little too good to believe." 

He went through the process and eventually joined UiPath, but not for the first role he applied for. "I came to New York. That's where I wanted to be. I started working with UiPath and so far, I’ve liked it quite a bit. It checks all my boxes." 

Rashmi has studied Computer Science and she's worked in similar roles for other companies. But right before joining UiPath, she became a mother, and she was on a break. Rashmi got the chance to interact with Sahana Shekhar, our Senior Director of Product Support. She was part of a great initiative called “Bringing Women Back to Work” who aimed for women in India to go back to work after their parental leave. This initiative was one of the reasons our organization in India won Best Diversity and Inclusion Initiative Award by Women Leadership Forum of Asia.

"I was part of a three-month program and after a few interviews I got to join the UiPath. That is how my journey started here. For most women in India, it is extremely hard to go back to work after having a baby. And this program is phenomenal. I think I will always be thankful."

All of them know how important culture is for UiPathers. Vladimir has had the chance to meet most of his colleagues. Some of them took part in a bootcamp in India, right after joining the team. Others from the United States visited Romania right before the pandemic. "What I like about our team is that we talk a lot about other things that are not necessarily related to work. That way we learn a lot about other cultures and many interesting things. I love the atmosphere."  

Max used to love working in the Brooklyn office, before it was closed due to the pandemic. There were times when he went home after he finished his work, but then came back to the office just to spend time with the others. And he enjoys working for his team. "One of the things I really like is the fact that I feel like I can raise issues. I feel like I'm comfortable messaging a product manager about something I've seen raising a bug report or feature request and drawing attention to it. I really like having a voice." 

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Rashmi joined only two months after the pandemic started, so she didn't really get to personally meet a lot of colleagues. "The culture is great. I always try to think about our values in various moments. Like when I’m talking to a customer, or I'm engaging my peers. I love this team. And I feel like people are extremely helpful. We have an incredibly open culture, and this is something I’ve never experienced in other companies. With UiPath it's constant learning and that’s a wonderful experience for me."  

Outside work Vladimir has a wide range of hobbies. He runs regularly. He loves Sci-Fi literature, and he got that from his father. He also loves astronomy. “Sci-Fi and astronomy go together so well.” Max is a huge fan of restaurants. “I really like going out with people in New York and finding new restaurants and just trying stuff or introducing them to new food. The other thing I really love doing is reading books about languages, culture, or history. And then obviously, like I play video games.” Rashmi loves hiking. “I’ve done Himalaya tracks, but also Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. I love running. So far, I’ve only done 10km, but I'm looking forward to a full marathon. I also love reading and doing yoga. Plenty of time for these two during the pandemic.”

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Mircea Mocanu

Employer Branding Manager, UiPath