UiPath Interns in the Spotlight: Class of 2022

Varun Gupta

We believe our technology has the potential to accelerate human achievement, just like we believe in the impact emerging talent can have as they enter the job market, eager to contribute to a better world. That is why this year UiPath is welcoming 100 interns globally, joining us in 9 cities around the world, in person and virtually.

With our Executive Speaker Series, Coffee Chats, Intern Council events, and Intern Celebration week, our interns are fully immersed in the global culture that makes life at UiPath so special. Even if they are working for different teams and in different geographical regions, common for them all is the experience of being empowered to make an impact along the way.

Isabella Dunn is a Business Development Representative Intern working out of our office in Austin, Texas. She is attending the University of Miami, Ohio and will start her Senior year this fall.

a photo of Isabella Dunn

From the get-go of her internship, Isabella was excited to get hands-on experience in the corporate world. She described her first weeks at UiPath as full of learnings, during which she discovered that practicing being adaptable, resilient, and willing to help, is what helps her most become the person and professional she strives to be.

For Isabella, having an in-person experience and a team of coworkers that wants to see you achieve and exceed your goals has been transformative. "Every person I've met at UiPath has made this internship an exceptional experience and I couldn't be more grateful."

Isabella is warmly recommending anyone who is looking to intern or work at UiPath to "take the jump, immerse themselves and not be afraid of making mistakes," which will lay the foundation for growth and greatness in whatever they choose to do in their careers.

Diane Renard is a Sales Technology Intern based in our office in Paris, France. She attends Texas A&M University and will be entering her Senior year this fall.

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Coming from France, but studying in the US, Diane started her journey at UiPath aiming to work in a multicultural fast-paced tech company whose culture reflected her values. "I wanted my internship to resemble who I was and thus work on projects that directly impact on an increase in people's job performance."

Diane got to know UiPath from many different angles by talking to people from different teams, other nationalities, and backgrounds. Meeting new people was the most impactful during her first weeks - it introduced her to new perspectives about how to work and why people love their jobs, which inspired and helped broaden her horizons.

For Diane, being trusted to work independently with little guidance helped her become more confident in what she could contribute to and produce. Her advice for UiPath future interns is to "seize any occasions you have, to see what other people are doing and why they are doing it. Do not be afraid to ask!"

Varun Gupta is a Software Engineer Intern based in Bengaluru, India. He attends India Institute of Technology — Kharagpur and will be entering his final year this fall.

a photo of Varun Gupta

Varun started his internship remotely, but he chose to switch to an in-person experience, as he was living in Bengaluru. Coming to the office, meeting his team, and learning with them day-by-day became "one of the best experiences of his life."

Besides gaining technical knowledge, Varun is also grateful for learning how to work in a team, understanding the power of collaboration and how that impacts the wellbeing of an organization. "One learns a lot from working here, and not only in the technology field, but also in growing as an individual."

His advice for anyone considering UiPath internship program? "Be mindful of your impact and contribution of your tasks."

We aim to enable our interns to succeed by experiencing our culture from the inside. If you are curious about what it is like to be part of our global internship program, stay connected for other stories on UiPath interns.

Adina Ciurea
Adina Ciurea

Senior Employer Branding Specialist, UiPath