UiPath Interns in the Spotlight: Their Work and Impact

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The class of 2022 interns brought their eclectic and varied talents, backgrounds, and goals to our UiPath team. To find out more about our impressive group of interns and what they're working on this summer, we sat down with three of our interns in the U.S. and Europe, after their first weeks on the job. 

Albert Lam is one of our Product Manager Interns in Bellevue, U.S. He is attending the University of Washington and will start his Senior year this fall. Alexandru Gherghe is one of our Product Manager Interns in Bucharest, Romania. He graduated from Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies. Dana Moldovan is part of our Product Design team in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. She graduated from the Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca with a master's degree in International Management. Her desire to become a Product Designer sparked during her previous working experience, and she chose UiPath in her career reconversion journey. 

What's been the most interesting thing you have gotten the chance to work on at UiPath?

Albert: I've had the chance to work on the launch of new features that'll be highlighted at our upcoming conference, FOWARD 5! As a Product Management Intern, it's exciting to work with teams across engineering, product, design, marketing, and more, to ship better experiences for our customers.  

Alexandru: Ever since I joined the Product Management team, I was nicely introduced into the UiPath Studio Desktop application through the UiPath Academy, where I learned the necessary information to jumpstart my ownership around it. The most interesting aspect I experienced until now was to create an automation task and document it. The automation task helps update your Slack status to "working remotely" if it'll identify you as not working from the office's location.  

Dana: For me, it was designing the First Run Experience for new customers of one of our solutions. Being new to the RPA (robotic process automation) world and trying to build and run my first automations with UiPath, I could naturally relate to some of the questions new UiPath users might have while first interacting with such a complex and powerful platform. Working on this project provided the perfect opportunity for me to understand where to start with UiPath, which some of customers of UiPath are, what they are trying to achieve and how to support them in getting seamlessly onboarded to managing their first automations. 

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What is something that has surprised you about interning at UiPath?

Albert: I've been pleasantly surprised at how diverse UiPath employees are. I've worked with people across the U.S., Romania, and India, all from diverse backgrounds.  

Alexandru: Joining UiPath as an intern, the list of benefits I received was a pleasant surprise. I believe it's a balanced mix of everything and it serves as a nice benchmark for starting your career. Also, the tasks I received from my mentor were super interesting and with real impact for the component we are working on.  

Dana: I enjoyed the amount of freedom I was given to express myself and the genuine encouragement to reach out and talk to people - may they be fellow designers or colleagues from other parts of the organization, covering roles and responsibilities I was curious about. I've had 1:1s with the VP (Vice President) of Product Design, the UX Program Manager, Product Managers, but also Customer Success Managers or Technical Account Managers and learned about UiPath processes and internal best-practices and aspects I will take with me for my personal career growth. It should go without saying that the best discussions sometimes took place at the company's office with the coolest RPA Developers, Software or Test Engineers. 

What advice would you give anyone thinking about working at UiPath?

Albert: You'll have lots of autonomy here, so ask questions, listen well, and take the initiative!  

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Alexandru: A straight-up advice would be to focus on getting up to speed fast and learning as much as possible from your first day in the company, as this will benefit you so much during your onboarding period. Also, be present and reflect about what is happening around you, keep your eyes open and your ears sharp, and lastly, be proactive.  

Dana: My advice would be to give yourself the chance to try it out. I genuinely believe that, provided the right mindset, anybody can find their place at UiPath. To me, UiPath is this huge pool of diverse opportunities, diversity not only through its culture (on my team people from India, Europe and the U.S. simultaneously work together) but also through the multitude of projects, products, or services one can work on. I think having a workplace where you get to imagine, create, and iterate on products that solve people's problems is the best opportunity. 

What is your favorite part of the internship?

Albert: I've really enjoyed meeting colleagues across incredibly varied teams and functions!  

Alexandru: For me it is having fun with my fellow interns and working together with my mentor side-by-side. Oh, and the free lunch provided at our office in Bucharest.  

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Dana: The Executive Speaker Series is my favorite part. This is a series of meetings, specifically organized for interns across the company, where we got to meet some of our Executive Leaders at UiPath and during which we could ask them questions about work and life. I felt really inspired by the stories shared of people who have spent decades in other huge companies and who have traveled the world to now be steering UiPath.  

If you are curious about what it is like to be part of our global internship program, you can check out other stories to meet the 2022 Summer interns class and find out how we have celebrated them. And if the prospect of working on impactful projects, all while learning and having fun sounds exciting to you, keep an eye on our careers page as we open new positions for next summer!

Adina Ciurea
Adina Ciurea

Senior Employer Branding Specialist, UiPath