Vasyl Mosiiuk on Simplify Processes and his Journey with UiPath

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I actually found out about UiPath from a campaign on LinkedIn. I didn’t really know anything about UiPath and at first I thought they would only have offices in Romania and the United States. Then I started doing some research and found out about the acquisition of StepShot.”

Vasyl Mosiiuk joined UiPath last year in June. He is working as a .NET Senior Engineer for our team in Lviv. That’s the city where he went to university and the place where he had several jobs before joining UiPath.

“For me, the interview was pretty standard. Some of my friends found it strange to use tools like Hackerrank. Probably because it’s not that common in Ukraine. But I find it very useful. Knowing some of the basic algorithms is a must and it’s really important to know that people have that background.”

The first few weeks helped him accommodate with the team and the products, but right after that, he started developing two desktop applications used by UiPath Task Mining users to apply initial processing steps over input data like text values, obfuscating and transfer that data to cloud.

“What I like most about my role is that there’s a lot of space to use skills to optimize applications speed or reduce system resources usage. Here, we’re using most actual technologies and development tools, so I’m not worrying about the actuality of my skills. Having access to so many things is not something very common around here. It is nice that it is possible to access education sites with subscription UiPath provides employees. There are many companies in Ukraine, you might get access to some other tools, but they are quite limited compared to what we have at UiPath.”

Vasyl started his journey at UiPath during a pandemic. He met a few of his teammates, but never really visited any UiPath office. “They are great people and it’s great to work with them. I know some people are not fans, but I don’t mind working from home. People can start living in more remote and quiet places. I guess it really depends on how you are as a person.”

When asked about why an engineer should join UiPath, Vasyl likes to compare RPA with the industrial revolution.

People who want to join UiPath can be part of some sort of new ‘industrial revolution.’ Imagine that before the actual industrial revolution, people would only use hand tools. After that, they started to use bigger automatic tools and mechanisms. Today, companies don’t have the resources to redevelop their tools. But UiPath can help them simplify the processes within their organizations. It optimizes employees' productivity and performance to maximize efficiency of human work. Time is the most valuable resource and that’s what RPA can bring.”

Outside work, Vasyl loves reading. “I like to read non-fiction, technical and common science books and articles. Classics of fantasy like Harry Harrison and Robert A. Heinlein are among my favorites.” Another thing he loves is designing objects in CAD systems. That’s basically drawing the sketches that are eventually printed. He also started studying electronics fundamentals to better understand “more thoroughly how systems work.”

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Mircea Mocanu

Employer Branding Manager, UiPath