See how automation takes Generative AI from the drawing board to the real world

Automate faster. Unlock new use cases. Stretch the limits of what’s possible with Generative AI.
Supercharge developer productivity
Simplify automation development and use with a semantic interface.
Start fast with product and model augmentation
Kickstart automation development with 70+ prebuilt models and tackle more use cases with integrated GPT capabilities.
Expand your range of use cases with Generative AI
Integrate Generative AI to expand automation’s impact and address a broader range of business challenges.
Discover how AI takes automation to the next level—and your business to new heights
Explore AI success stories

AI makes automation smarter, so your business can work harder

  • Create model and process flexibility
  • Enforce enterprise-grade governance
  • Interact with any system
  • Keep humans in the loop
  • Create new ways of working
Create model and process flexibility

Infuse processes with Generative or Specialized AI for greater flexibility, and capitalize on 70 prebuilt specialized models for faster results.

Enforce enterprise-grade governance

Run an enterprise-grade Generative AI and automation program with a platform that prioritizes robust governance, security, and traceability.

Interact with any system

Implement best-in-class UI and API integration and AI Computer Vision to create AI-powered automations that span multiple systems.

Keep humans in the loop

Improve accuracy, robustness, transparency, and accountability of AI-powered automations by bringing in human decision makers when, as needed.

Create new ways of working

Automation is how AI gets put to work.

Automation Cloud

End-to-end automation—SaaS from the cloud, ready to run

With Automation Cloud™, you get the full UiPath Platform, the fastest updates—and the scalability and flexibility to automate any process, anywhere you do business.

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Enterprise-grade automation, self-hosted deployment

You have to run it yourself, but you’ll get the world-class automation capabilities you need, with the performance, compliance, and security you expect.

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Accelerate time-to-payment with AI
Industry: Healthcare
ApprioHealth pairs automation with AI Computer Vision to process higher volumes of information faster.
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“Instead of having an army of individuals going out daily and looking at thousands of applications, we’ve configured UiPath AI Computer Vision to enable our digital workforce to handle more accounts and shorten the collection lifecycle.”

Will Hamilton

VP of Business Line Development, ApprioHealth

Smart is good. But smart + automated is a lot better.

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