Shorten the timeline between ideas and innovation

Ideas are an asset. It’s time to maximize their ROI.
Collect, manage, and prioritize the best ideas
Track everything in one place with end-to-end visibility and control—and prioritize idea deployment based on your KPIs.
Implement breakthroughs, faster
Accelerate the conversion of great ideas into better ways of doing business across SMEs, developers, and the CoE.
Simplify reporting
Track meaningful metrics and visualize the performance of your automation program.
Great ideas can come from anywhere. Don’t let the best ones get away.
Discover success stories

Use those sparks of inspiration to ignite better ways of working

  • Centralize idea management for bigger impact
  • Collaborate for faster deployment
  • Stay on top of automation program performance
Centralize idea management for bigger impact
  • Find ideas through crowdsourcing, process mining, task mining, and communications mining.
  • Evaluate opportunities with prebuilt assessments.
  • Build a business based on data collected from SMEs and discovery products.
  • Centralize visibility and control over the progress of automation projects.
  • Make informed decisions on your pipeline with an ROI calculator, graphs, and dashboards.
Collaborate for faster deployment
  • Get stakeholders’ buy-in with data that proves value​.
  • Store project-related files in one place and leverage integrations with the UiPath Platform or third-party tools for a streamlined experience.​
  • Enable process SMEs, developers, and the CoE to collaborate on accelerating the automation lifecycle.
Stay on top of automation program performance
  • Utilize prebuilt dashboards with analytics on performance, cost, and planning.​
  • Leverage the Insights integration to demonstrate the performance of your automation program—with fully customizable dashboard templates​.


hours of backlog cleared in 1 day by LexisNexis


faster automation pipeline for Amitech


employees at Takeda generating automation ideas
Manufacturing Manufacturing

Carlsberg showcases the benefits of automation KPIs 

Driving business outcomes worldwide is a lot easier with a federated automation model. 

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3.5 years growing a mature automation team
Federated automation model
Integrations seen as a strong point of UiPath
Life Sciences Life Sciences

Taking a unified approach to turning automation and process improvement ideas into action

With UiPath Automation Hub, Takeda scales automation fast and engages many people at the same time.

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2000 number of automation ideas in the Automation Hub pipeline
2400 number of Takeda employees using Automation Hub
760 bots working on tasks throughout the company
Banking & financial services Banking & financial services

What good is an idea if you can’t prove its worth?

For LexisNexis, being able to capture and manage automation ideas in one place—and prove their worth, too, has generated great enthusiasm across the company.

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30,000 records cleared from the backlog in just one day with just one idea
30%-90% faster time to market
300,000 hours saved for the business
Anssi Talarmo Headshot

Each business unit measured ROI differently. Thanks to Automation Hub, we receive general guidelines on how this should be done and can compare specific business cases. Now, this process is much more rule-based and efficient.

Anssi Talarmo

Head of intelligent RPA, Elisa

What’s the big idea? Use the genius of your employees to do more—and do it faster.

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