The Smart RPA Playbook

Your step by step guide to using RPA and AI in large-scale automation.

One size does not fit all, at least in terms of an organization's RPA journey. It’s natural that organizations have different scopes, technology capabilities, and operating environments. That’s why we’re introducing the Smart RPA Playbook, a practical guide to helping you navigate your RPA journey regardless of which part of that journey you may be on.


Everest Group, the global consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business service and sourcing, has produced the first-of-its-kind framework to help any organization think through its automation process.


Through collaboration and interviews with Global 1000 companies, Everest Group gained insight on a wide range of factors that speak directly to the success of a company’s RPA deployment. The Smart RPA Playbook incorporates that insight, diverse methodologies, and practical advice designed to help organizations scale better and improve business outcomes. UiPath, recognizing the need for such a vision and guidebook has committed to sharing the Smart RPA Playbook with its clients.


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