Webinar: How to Deploy Your First Process in 30 Days


Photo of Yusuf Yasin

Yusuf Yasin

EMEA Customer Success, UiPath

Photo of  Ina Mereuta

Ina Mereuta

EMEA Customer Success, UiPath

Typically, the first 30 days of any Automation journey is the most important. The decisions being made range from building out your infrastructure through to deploying the prioritized processes. The Webinar is created by the EMEA UiPath Customer Success Team to help you navigate through the initial stages while ensuring that you keep all decisions in line with business outcomes.


During the 60 minute session we have discussed about how you can self scale your automation in order to quickly realize the benefits from your automation investment.


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  • Introduction to Automation and goal setting
  • How to effectively scale...objective is first bot in 30 days
  • Unified CS Program
  • What does scale look like?

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