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Walking the Path to AI
with Intelligent OCR and NLP

Webinar hosted by UiPath & ABBYY


Photo of Neil Murphy

Neil Murphy

Vice President of Global Business Development, ABBYY Europe

Photo of Steve Ponting

Steve Ponting

Head of Customer Enablement, ABBYY Europe

Photo of Boris Krumrey

Boris Krumrey

Chief Robotics Officer, UiPath

UiPath and ABBYY continue their ongoing global partnership and are pleased to invite you to a joint webinar focused on how you can leverage cognitive understanding of content with intelligent OCR and NLP.

Join this webinar and discover:

  • an overview and demonstration of ABBYY’s intelligent OCR and NLP technologies;
  • how these can be used with UiPath to realize the opportunities for end-to-end automation of content-based processes;
  • which processes are ripe for automation, involving the extraction of data from a variety of sources, ranging from structured documents to unstructured content;
  • next steps and an extended Q&A session.


Register on demand and watch Boris Krumrey, Chief Robotics Officer of UiPath, joined by Neil Murphy and Steve Ponting of ABBYY, detail how this partnership allows our customers to transform their processes by delivering business-critical information to the UiPath digital workforce, reducing human dependency and human error. 


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