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The what, why, and how of using process mining to become a fully automated enterprise™

Global markets evolve and develop, inducing more sophisticated competition.

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2021 Asia & Pacific Insights from Reboot Work Festival

2020 is behind us, and let’s build back better in 2021.

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Automation in the contact center with UiPath and Amazon Connect

Robotic process automation (RPA), AI/ML, analytics, and process mining are all creating new paths to fast, effective issue resolution.

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Continuous Automation, Continuous Testing: A Powerful Approach for Scaling Automation

The value automation brings to business is fascinating.

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It’s Time to Hyperautomate your Microsoft Infrastructure

IT organizations are under tremendous pressure to work smarter and drive innovation while reducing operating costs.

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IT Central Station: Key Drivers of Time-to-Value in RPA

Looking to launch a robotic process automation (RPA) project within your organization, but unsure how long it will take to see ROI.

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A Robot for Every Worker: Are We Ready for a People-First Automation Mindset?

A people-first process helps organizations realize the full value of RPA programs while elevating employee satisfaction and boosting the overall effectiveness of automation.

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Creating a More Effective Legal Department through Robotic Process Automation

Automating rules-based and repetitive tasks is key to giving legal professionals their time back to confront those challenges.

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How automation strengthens your corporate culture

Read this white paper on the liberating role RPA is playing in the HR sector and learn how AI enhances HR effectiveness.

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How automation transforms Finance and Accounting

In this paper we explore how automation can quickly and accurately perform repetitive processes, helping you to reduce risk, build better relationships with vendors, get paid faste...

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PeerSpot: Realizing the Benefits of RPA in Human Resources (HR) Use Cases

This PaperPeer Report from IT Central Station highlights the many reasons for opting into RPA, specifically the benefits it presents for HR.

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PeerSpot: Realizing the Benefits of RPA in Procurement

Efficient procurement operations are essential for an effective business, but ensuring your employees and customers have what they need, when they need it is not an easy feat.