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Webinar Series: UiPath Automation First Power-Up Nordics

Session #2 - Operation Citizen Developer: best practices on how to empower citizen developers 

13 February 2020, 13.00 CET


Photo of Rasvan Constantinescu

Rasvan Constantinescu

Customer Success Director, UiPath

Photo of Sukesh Acharya

Sukesh Acharya

Customer Success Manager, UiPath

Photo of Vesa Mustonen

Vesa Mustonen

Service Manager, Data and Analytics Services, Wärtsilä

In the last 20 years, the advance in technology enabled us as species to progress faster and faster. Enterprises are investing massively in technologies like Cloud SaaS, Low Code, and AI. While the SaaS applications and Low Code tools are creating more silos, AI is not adopted at a scale to make a tangible impact on business.


And then RPA emerged as the fourth obelisk. Automating at UI level it offers the glue to connect these technologies to create value.


Like every journey, the automation journey has also up and downs. Forgetting or under-estimating key elements will have an impact.


In this session, we’ll share with you the best practices on how to empower citizen developers .


Wärtsilä has been a UiPath customer since 2017 and have been an early adaptor of our RPA Platform. During the early days of the RPA journey, Wärtsilä realized that, if they wanted to increase the productivity of their workforce and get a faster ROI, then, their business owners and users should also be introduced to RPA tools. With this philosophy, they started the Citizen-led development initiative. In this webinar you will hear Vesa Mustonen from Wärtsilä tell this story.


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