Cloud RPA: a better way

Start quickly, scale easily, and stay secure while accelerating automation ROI

What is cloud RPA?

Robotic process automation (RPA) has come a long way since its early days. Back then software robots were handling mostly repetitive, routine tasks across legacy systems that didn’t necessarily integrate with cloud solutions. Now, bots can do much more sophisticated work. They’ve learned to combine user interface (UI) emulation, API integration, and artificial intelligence (AI) to go after the sweeping, cross-enterprise workflows that create exponential value. At the same time, many—if not most—organizations have also adopted cloud-first strategies and are now looking to scale their digital solutions, including automation, as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. And what better way to do that than to “add more SaaS”? In this case, RPA SaaS.

What are the benefits of RPA as a service?

Get complete enterprise automation—instantly.  Use as much of it as you want—when you want.

For your business, it’s the fastest path to automation value

  • A full automation platform available within minutes to apply to your critical process initiatives now and in the future

  • Nothing to install, nothing to update, no hardware work—or costs—required

  • Simple onboarding and account setup for your team

The only thing IT will be maintaining is their cool

  • Prioritize other IT needs while accelerating your automation initiatives

  • Get up to date—and stay up to date—without moving a muscle

  • Data is securely held in your region, as you need it

Scale automation projects at pace

  • Scale automations from one user to thousands instantly, without creating overhead

  • Always get the latest services. As many as you want, when you want - so you can focus on what brings value: creating automations

  • One portal to manage everything—services, organization, tenants, users, and licenses

Why wait? Automate!

Always the latest services, always up to date

Is cloud-based automation as secure as on-premises automation?

With cloud RPA, there is a dedicated team that spends its days making sure your automation platform is running smoothly and securely. Everything is always up to date, always monitored, and regularly audited. There is full adherence to global privacy laws. And, with UiPath, you also get next-level automation-specific governance to implement your own policies as rigorously as you need.

Every service is regularly audited and verified

SOC 2®, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 27001, HIPAA and Veracode Verified™

Enterprise-grade peace of mind

Guaranteed uptime (99.9%), disaster recovery, and 24/7 UiPath Support

Data is stored in your region, as you need it

House your data in any combination of Europe, U.S., Japan, Australia, Canada, or Singapore . . . and we keep extending regions

Industry-first CrowdStrike Falcon EDR and RPA integration

An innovative partnership pinpoints and resolves potential threats quickly and with minimum business disruption

How do I manage RPA as a service?

You don’t have to manage infrastructure - we do! But you’ve got all the role-based access control you need. And you’ve also got Automation Ops—a single, simple web portal to manage and implement governance rules for developers and robots based on your own policies. These controls work no matter whether your robots are SaaS, self-hosted, or both.


Rich Azure AD integration


Enterprise credential management


IT-specific and automation-specific governance


Unified admin experience for organization, tenant, user and license management


Manage all your robots from the cloud

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Analyst Report

IT Central Station: Making the Move to Cloud-Based RPA: Key Considerations

Find out what it takes to successfully deploy robotic process automation (RPA) in the cloud.

Still not sure what to make of it? Perhaps you need hybrid or self-hosted automation instead?

We think cloud RPA truly is the better way for most customers, but if you’re not most customers, let’s talk about your self-hosted options. If your policy needs go beyond even our security and compliance and openness attestations, we’ve got the “cloud in a box” solution called Automation Suite for you to deploy and manage yourself. So, if you’ve built an organization dedicated to managing in the unique environment you find yourself in, then we always support that too.