7 ways Clipboard AI is making finance operations easier

UiPath Clipboard AI making finance operations easier
UiPath Clipboard AI Named One of TIME's Best Inventions of 2023

Editor's note: UiPath Clipboard AI™ was named one of TIME's Best Inventions of 2023. Read why TIME recognized Clipboard AI.

In the evolving landscape of financial operations, the synergy between AI-powered automation and workplace efficiency has emerged as a driving force. It’s not just about implementing artificial intelligence (AI), it’s about turning its vast potential into tangible, actionable results. Implementing AI into the workplace infuses a deeper level of intelligence into daily operations, reshaping entire industries by automating knowledge-driven tasks. UiPath seamlessly integrates machine learning, natural language processing, and Generative and Specialized AI capabilities, paving the way for rapid business transformation fit for the AI era.

Building on this momentum, we are thrilled to unveil the public preview of UiPath Clipboard AI.

UiPath Clipboard AI - AI for the rest of us

Because nobody should be copying from one sheet only to paste it into another in 2023, Clipboard AI handles that for you. Clipboard AI is a no-code app that simplifies data transfer across various documents, spreadsheets, and applications by intelligently understanding screens and placing essential data accurately. It is engineered to revamp workflows across a spectrum of use cases; our initial venture is into the world of finance. Financial tasks often involve precision, swift data transfers, and reduced manual errors—challenges that Clipboard AI is perfectly equipped to tackle. Here are seven reasons to integrate it into your operations:

1. User-friendly for all

Incorporating new technology can be complicated, especially if you are not tech-savvy. Clipboard AI breaks this barrier. With its user-friendly interface, all it takes is a click to download and you are set to start. No coding skills required.

2. Time-saving excellence

With time-consuming tasks like data entry or transfer taken care of by Clipboard AI, employees have more bandwidth for analytical and strategic roles.

3. Integration across platforms

Finance often means navigating between various software platforms. Clipboard AI simplifies this, ensuring fluid data movement and consistency across systems, from Microsoft Excel to many popular enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools including SAP Fiori, Oracle NetSuite, and more.

4. Mastering unstructured data

Emails, informal transaction records, or customer requests often come in varied styles and lack a consistent layout or structure. Clipboard AI excels in distilling this data, interpreting it, and placing it where it belongs.

5. Cognitive powers

With its advanced cognitive capabilities, Clipboard AI excels at tasks like classification, summarization, content reasoning, and contextual interpretation. For instance, it can understand the meaning of a word and categorize it appropriately. If a document mentions “violet”, but the input form only offers a “purple” option, Clipboard AI recognizes the similarity between the two colors and categorizes it accordingly.

6. Enhanced data accuracy

In the finance sector particularly, human errors can have significant consequences. Clipboard AI significantly diminishes such errors, ensuring that data, whether from invoices or financial statements, is correctly transferred across systems.

7. Adaptive and learning focused

The more you use Clipboard AI, the more it understands your unique requirements, evolving to serve you better with each interaction. This adaptability ensures that Clipboard AI becomes more aligned with your workflow, making your tasks smoother and more efficient over time.

UiPath Clipboard AI for finance source destination example

Clipboard AI in action

Let’s explore three specific financial use cases out of the many that Clipboard AI offers:

  • Invoice processing: Instantly extract invoice details received via email and populate them in an Excel spreadsheet or platforms like NetSuite.

  • Data migration to ERP systems: Seamlessly copy data from Excel and input it into ERP systems like SAP Fiori, creating comprehensive customer profiles without manual data entry.

  • Processing unstructured requests: Imagine an email from a client requesting a bank transfer. Clipboard AI can interpret this, extract the necessary details, and update them in systems like SAP, making tasks efficient and error-free.

To view each demo, please visit the Clipboard AI finance page.

Our venture into the finance sector is just the beginning, and we couldn’t be more excited. With every step of growth and adaptation, our goal is to empower everyone—from individuals to entire industries. With AI that goes beyond mere functionality, we aim to elevate every aspect of work. Join us on this transformative journey. Try out Clipboard AI, and please share your feedback. Your insights drive our innovation.

judy lee uipath
Judy Lee

Product Marketing Manager, UiPath

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