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uipath robot assistant helping woman excited working at computer


September 08, 2021

How UiPath Created 21% More Capacity with Our Own Automation Technology

Find out how the UiPath internal automation CoE used UiPath automation technology in Q2 FY22 to add 69,973 more hours of capacity for the company and scale our citizen developer program.

business executive in office with uipath robot

Industry Solutions

July 15, 2021

Using Automation to Drive ESG and Sustainability in Banking and Financial Services

Discover how banking and financial institutions can use automation to deliver on their ESG commitments, including green financing, investment research, ESG reporting and auditing.

call center operators at desks with uipath robots

Industry Solutions

July 05, 2021

How BPO Leaders Can Use Automation to Improve Market Share

Find out how business process outsourcing providers can use automation to retain clients and improve market share.

investment banks improve employee experience automation

Industry Solutions

April 13, 2021

How Investment Banks Are Improving Employee Experience with Automation

Find out how investment banks can use automation to improve business efficiency and retain top talent with an improved employee experience.

align business and it with automation


March 15, 2021

How to Achieve Business-IT Alignment for Automation Success

Leaders from Applied Materials share how business-IT alignment drove their success as they scaled their automation program. Apply their insights for your own success.

automate process as is vs standardize process


February 23, 2021

Should You Automate Your Processes "As-Is" or Standardize First?

Should you standardize a process first or automate the process 'as-is'? This article walks business unit leaders through the best options for your organization.

financial services ai key trends 2021

Industry Solutions

February 10, 2021

Key Trends Shaping the Use of AI in Banking and Financial Services

Get insights into how banks and financial services organizations are using the latest artificial intelligence to improve customer experiences and more.

advocate automation chief financial officers tips


February 01, 2021

How to Advocate for Automation to Your CFO (Part Three)

Discover the automation value framework and how to use the framework to successfully advocate for automation to your chief financial officer.

advocate automation to chief financial officer


October 26, 2020

How to Advocate for Automation to Your CFO (Part Two)

In part two of this series, learn what to say and how to structure the conversation for success when championing automation to your CFO.

UiPath How


September 01, 2020

How to Advocate for Automation to Your CFO (Part One)

UiPath Enterprise Sales Leader Seth Catalli shares tips on how to advocate for automation to your CFO and get your automation journey started.

recession winners use rpa process mining


May 05, 2020

How Recession Winners Will Use RPA and Process Mining to Emerge Stronger

With many predicting a post-pandemic recession, learn how businesses can use RPA and UiPath Process Mining to emerge stronger from a recession.

banks scale ppp loan forgiveness uipath robots

Industry Solutions

April 27, 2020

U.S. Banks Scale PPP Loan Forgiveness with Help from UiPath Robots

Additional money has been made available for the CARES Act. See how U.S. banks are using software robots to scale PPP loan forgiveness for small businesses.

chief information officers taking rpa seriously


December 09, 2019

Why Chief Information Officers Need To Take Robotic Process Automation Seriously

Discover how RPA is a valuable tool for CIOs, shifting to adopt and recognize automation technology as a backbone of modern business and digital transformation.

beyond low hanging fruit to scale rpa


August 06, 2019

The Importance of Looking Beyond Low Hanging Fruit to Successfully Scale RPA

Get to know how the mango analogy, and learn the unlikely lessons that mango traders can teach us about how to successfully scale RPA.

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