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How UiPath internship changed my perception of AI and automation


August 17, 2023

How my summer at UiPath converted me from automation skeptic to champion

A UiPath intern's firsthand account of her automation adoption journey from "meh" to "yeah!" gives business leaders a unique perspective on how automation can empower their Gen Z employees.

UiPath Chief People Officer’s insights on automation


November 9, 2022

A Chief People Officer’s Insights on Automation, Employee Engagement, and Neurodiversity

UiPath Chief People Officer Brigette McInnis-Day shares her insights on automation, employee engagement, and neurodiversity in the workplace

uipath automation center of excellence performance Q1 FY23


June 6, 2022

Dad Jokes, Robots, and More Surprises from Our Automation CoE

Get an inside look at what the UiPath automation center of excellence did in Q1 FY23, including some of the automations deployed to add 88,983 hours of capacity for the company in the quarter.

opportunity cost of not automating


March 8, 2021

The Opportunity Cost of Not Automating

Waiting to upgrade processes or tools before automating? Find out the opportunity costs to your organization of not automating now.

use hr downtime automate recruiting onboarding processes

Industry Solutions

August 5, 2020

Using Downtime to Reimagine Your Recruiting and Onboarding Processes

Find out how a nonprofit used downtime to rethink HR recruiting and onboarding processes. Then they optimized the processes with Robotic Process Automation.

change management strategies cision morgan stanley


March 4, 2020

How Change Management Strategies at Cision and Morgan Stanley Drive Automation Adoption

Susan Steele and Katherine Wetmur discussed how change management strategies have helped make automation successful at Cision and Morgan Stanley.

using rpa to retain workforce of future


January 13, 2020

How Industry Leaders Are Using RPA to Attract & Retain the Workforce of the Future

Discover how industry leaders can embrace RPA and automation technologies to change their operations to retain and develop their workforce for the future.

samuel zeller 360588 unsplash

Industry Solutions

December 4, 2018

5 Ways UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform Makes HR Service Providers More Efficient

As business becomes increasingly global, HR service providers struggle with rapid expansion, managing customer concerns and making internal processes efficient.

shutterstock 384111052

Industry Solutions

May 3, 2018

Modern Companies Automate HR Processes with RPA

There are still plenty of large volume data-driven manual transactions that are slowing down HR departments today. Here's how RPA can help speed things up.

26564871520 6a2b950b4e z

Industry Solutions

April 5, 2017

How RPA Can Help Companies Rethink HR Tasks

Is RPA able to provide automation that 22% percent of HR software buyers are seeking without having to implement yet another software platform?

swivel desk integration small


June 8, 2015

Disney, H-1B Visa Hearings - and Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation addresses H-1B visa issues seen at Disney. We discuss how RPA facilitates partnering between the IT dept. and business group.



March 9, 2015

Using RPA to Reduce Brain Drain

How could robotic process automation help an organization retain and share knowledge? Find out how RPA can contribute to the reduction of brain drain.

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