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UiPath Essentials Training - 3 4 Data Manipulation

Data of all kinds can be stored in variables, and there are several variable types you can work with in Studio. They can be classified into 3 types:
    • Scalar - Characters, Booleans or Numbers
    • Collections - Arrays, Lists, Strings - are a collection of characters, and Dictionaries, which are used when extracting data from Orchestrator queues.
    • Tables - are two dimensional structures that hold data indexed by rows and columns.

UiPath Studio also features a unique kind of variable, the GenericValue variable, which is designed to make using basic activities easier. This variable type can represent basic types of data, including text, numbers and date/times.

This video showcases using each of these variable types, highlighting the pros and cons of using them in different situations.

Visual Basic methods for String and DataTable manipulation are also covered in this video, as they are essential in developing a solid automation, but many others are available.