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Selectors – How to Identify Elements on the Screen?

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Selectors for the newer version. 

Human users can intuitively identify graphical elements or objects on the screen. The software robots need to be “trained” to recognize the same elements that a human would see. For this there are a few different techniques depending on the type of automation. Usually the objects identified with the UiPath recorder will be accurate and you can directly work with the generated activities. There are a few special cases in which you will need to go deeper into an object’s properties and manually select the attributes that uniquely identify an object. This is where the selectors come into play.

In this video you will learn:

  • How the selectors work with different UI Hierarchies and frameworks
  • How selectors are being generated
  • Advantages and disadvantages of selectors compare to other methods
  • The structure of selectors
  • Intro to Ui Explorer

A quick explanation of the “selector” property

The selector is a string of characters (VB expression) used to identify objects on the screen. The selector is one of the properties of UI activities and has an XML format. All the activities in UiPath Studio related to graphical elements have the selector property.
Here’s an example of the Type Activity.