Is RPA a Band-Aid for the Public Sector?

The Future is Automation First

When it comes to leveraging new technology, government agencies have often acted vertically—utilizing new software for one specific purpose without exploring other use cases. RPA can be used similarly, as a band-aid to solve a single specific problem, but it can also be so much more, and not using RPA to its full potential across the enterprise results in a limited ROI.

In this new whitepaper, UiPath Federal CTO and Director of Public Sector Marketing James Walker discusses short- and long-term uses for RPA in the public sector, with examples taken from real-world applications and insights based on years of experience in government.

Discover why RPA is the simple, flexible, and scalable solution to your agency’s struggle with digital transformation. As technology has advanced, the trickle of data has become a flood that overwhelms government employees and forces them to spend more time on mundane, robotic work than person-to-person interactions. RPA allows us to begin reversing that trend, freeing your employees to focus on your agency’s mission.

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