Empowering People – Social Responsibility in Action

a group of people facing the camera and wearing face masks for protection

Our people were here doing good… long before our formal social responsibility program, UiPath Cares. For this reason, we take a holistic approach to traditional CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) at UiPath. We focus on SHR (Social Human Responsibility), which is part of a larger movement, 'Just Be Us' (Justice, Belonging, Uniqueness, and Social Human Responsibility). You can find out more about JustBeUs from this podcast.

As part of our strategy around SHR, we have created an open model for our giving platform Benevity and Good Today. This open model allows us to meet people where their passions lie by nominating charities and creating give-back moments that connect communities they reside in, around the world. 

Marion's Story is a perfect example of this. Marion Stenzel works as HR Director, Central and Eastern Europe. Nine years ago, her mother was diagnosed with Leukemia, which quickly changed both of their lives. At the time, Marion knew nothing about cancer of the blood, or how she could even support her mother through this journey. Three months later, Marion's mother received a bone marrow transplant from two compassionate women, whom she had never met. They donated their umbilical cords after birth and that saved her life.

a portrait photo of Marion Stenzel

Leukemia comes in many shapes and forms. Marion learned how to support people diagnosed with Leukemia by raising awareness and trying to find new potential bone marrow donors. She partnered with DKMS, a local and global charity that pairs potential donors with people suffering from a variety of Leukemia. She raised awareness and helped many others suffering from blood cancer. 

Marion’s personal story and passion for supporting DKMS was empowered through our open platform model where she created a volunteer event for the DKMS Charity using Benevity. In tandem, we were able to amplify her efforts by running a donation campaign on Good Today featuring the same charity, while driving more people to learn about her story. 

Marion's desire for helping has extended beyond her own personal passion. As an Ambassador in her region, she leads others in creating EMEA-wide give-back moments and events, as part of a quarterly cadence. Most recently, she's been working with Annette Maier, AVP for the CEE region, to build a volunteer event in July around helping the elderly, lead by Sabine Werske and Michelle Hübner. They'll also be organizing event on the same day, in Switzerland and Poland as part of the CEE Cares regional events. 

As we allow each of our people to be stewards of their passion, they move us to be a better company for the world.

a portrait photo of Jessica Nolin, Human Social Responsibility Global Head at UiPath
Jessica Nolin

Human Social Responsibility Global Head, UiPath