Running, swimming, and biking for the UiPath Foundation

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Greg Cole is just a regular person—that’s what he’ll tell you anyways. He’s a Principal Business Analyst, and a proud dad of a 20-month-old daughter, with another child on the way. At 5’8” (173cm) and 190 pounds (85kg), he wrestled in high school and afterwards stayed in shape with CrossFit and weightlifting. “I’m not exactly the right build for running, biking, and swimming. No God-given abilities here,” Greg said. And that’s exactly why he signed up for the Bear Olympic Triathlon, to show support for UiPath Foundation.

“Through my life, I’ve listened to motivational podcasts and read these books, and I’d be inspired for a couple days, and then go back to my routine as usual,” Greg said. “But something clicked in late 2022, and I committed to doing something in 2023 that would really challenge me.”

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Supporting the UiPath Foundation

“Ever since my daughter was born, everything has changed,” Greg shared. With his new outlook on life, he sees everything through a new lens, and pays closer attention to things like education. His daughter is in pre-school, where she’s learned fundamental skills, like how to share, how to get along with others, and even some sign language!

“I see the difference early education has made for my daughter, and I recognize that not everyone has that same opportunity,” Greg shared. That’s why he’s passionate about supporting scholarships for underprivileged children through the UiPath Foundation.

The UiPath Foundation is committed to exerting a continuous positive influence on the lives and futures of children from underprivileged families and communities. They firmly believe that education provides a path out of poverty, and their aim is to assist children from disadvantaged backgrounds in recognizing and realizing their full potential. By providing equal access to education and promoting the development of 21st century skills, they strive to help these children and their communities flourish.

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Finding his flow

Greg shared that for much of his life, he did what was comfortable. Participating in this triathlon forced him out of his comfort zone, and he’s already seen a difference since he started training this January.

“It was always the swimming that intimidated me most. I grew up on a lake but was never that strong a swimmer,” Greg said. “So swimming one mile in open water for the triathlon requires me to really commit to my training.”

His training has been giving Greg endorphins, but they’re next-level endorphins. “In the past after a gym workout, it felt like I was clocking in and clocking out. But when I go out for a long run, swim or bike ride, I’m able to reach this flow state. I see things more clearly, helping me tackle challenges in life and at work. And best of all, I’m more engaged at home with my daughter,” he said.

Even Greg’s manager, Florentina Irimia, Finance Systems & Technologies Director, has noticed a difference. “In the past, Greg had confided in me that he was on the passive side, it’s just his nature and I’d see that in business settings,” Florentina shared. “But since he began this journey training for the triathlon, I’ve seen him be more assertive in meetings, engaging with stakeholders in a positive way.”

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Greg's message to our readers is to step out of their comfort zone. He recommends doing something new and challenging, such as running a half marathon, pursuing a degree or certification, or taking up a new hobby. “You don’t have to have exceptional abilities to succeed at a new challenge,” Greg added. “I’m just a normal person setting a goal for myself, and I think a lot of people can relate to that.”

We're grateful to have such dedicated individuals on our team, and we're thrilled to share their stories with you. Follow along Greg’s journey, he participates in the Bear Olympic Triathlon on May 14, and stay tuned for more blog posts that capture the spirit of our team and their journeys.

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Elise Jasaitis

Global Communications Manager, UiPath