UiPath Day 2022: Celebrating our Culture and our Colleagues

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More than 15 years ago, our founders started UiPath. They gave rise to one of the fastest-growing enterprise technology companies, where its people would be challenged, engaged, and valued for their perspectives and experience. Throughout these years, our UiPath colleagues have dedicated their time, talents, and hearts to the company. All this work and dedication deserves special recognition, and that is why we celebrate UiPath Day, coming up August 15. As the date is approaching, we are reflecting on the importance of its celebration, and what all that entails for us.

Our culture is our compass, always showing us the way forward, keeping us grounded and making us a unique company."

Our culture is woven into all-hands meetings, Culture Forums, and our approach to the work, but we recognize the opportunity our anniversary brings—to serve as a platform on which we can make our core values and culture the true stars of the show. This year, in addition to having the August 15 day off globally to recharge, we have some special ways to keep the celebration going all week. 

"As we continue to grow as a company, we have new challenges, new paths to conquer. That's why we want to do everything we can to nurture our culture and evolve it in a way that best serves our colleagues and our customers", said Andreea Baciu, Chief Culture Officer at UiPath.

This anniversary will be an opportunity to honor our colleagues celebrating five years or more alongside UiPath, and also a chance for all of us to express our gratitude to each of our colleagues. Through Avokudos, our internal peer recognition tool, or even handwritten notes, we aim to recognize their big or small contributions and impact across the organization. Also, we are hosting special editions of Culture Forums around the world, focused on our core values through the local lens, a chance for us all to come together and celebrate this significant milestone in our company's journey. Finally, we will be launching our Culture Champions program, which will recognize our colleagues who live our values, and serve as role models for our culture across the world.

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Our organization's mission is carried out daily by each of our colleagues, and we would not be where we are today without the dedicated, hardworking, and innovative minds at UiPath. Thank you for the longstanding partnerships that have unfolded time after time, and for the new partnerships that promise exciting opportunities for the future!

Adina Ciurea
Adina Ciurea

Senior Employer Branding Specialist, UiPath