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Intelligent Indexing for the Insurance industry with LarcAI and UiPath


Photo of Boris Krumrey

Boris Krumrey

Chief Robotics Officer, UiPath

Photo of Jean Louw

Jean Louw

Engineer, LarcAI Robotics

Photo of Uven Pillay

Uven Pillay

Automation Manager, Hollard Insurance

Speed is an undisputed benefit of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Speed at scale, though, is a tandem every enterprise is aiming for, when charting digital transformation across its departments. This applies even more within the Finance & Banking industry, where process efficiency is vital. Enter Intelligent Indexing, a small, yet very important part of the puzzle, proven to quickly process documents that do not always follow the same standard, and which slow down important tasks.


Register for the webinar and join Boris Krumrey (Chief Robotics Officer, UiPath), Jannie Strydom (CEO, LarcAI Robotics), Jean Louw (Engineer, LarcAI Robotics) and Uven Pillay (Automation Manager, Hollard Insurance) for a comprehensive talk, focused 100% on Intelligent Indexing and its benefits, plus a success story on its implementation within the ranks of Hollard Insurance.


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