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UiPath 2019 Fast Track Release Webinar – Powering the Automation First Era


Photo of Param Kahlon

Param Kahlon

Chief Product Officer, UiPath

Photo of Reeve Fernandes

Reeve Fernandes

Technical Consultant, UiPath

Photo of Mikkel Frid

Mikkel Frid

Senior Consultant, Deloitte

Watch this webinar to discover how the latest release of the UiPath Enterprise RPA platform delivers new capabilities to help you solve business challenges and adopt an "automation first" mindset:

  • Learn about the UiPath research and development agenda
  • Discover how AI is being infused into the RPA platform to improve automation
  • See the most important new capabilities in action
  • Hear how a key partner plans to use the new capabilities in real world automations


UiPath’s Chief Product Officer Param Kahlon leads the discussion, Reeve Fernandes shows the highlights of the release and Mikkel Frid from Deloitte joins them.


Think Automation First and watch the webinar today!


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