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Photo of PD Singh

PD Singh

VP of AI, UiPath

Photo of Diego Lomanto

Diego Lomanto

VP of Product Marketing, UiPath

Photo of Hussein Mehanna

Hussein Mehanna

Engineering Director, Cloud AI Platform, Google

Watch this webinar to discover how pragmatic AI solves real business challenges to deliver immediate, measurable ROI. 

Learn how:

  • AI is transforming Robotic Process Automation;  
  • To differentiate between AI reality and hype;
  • AI is impacting automation strategy and delivering immediate ROI;
  • UiPath is prioritizing investments to deliver AI to our customers. 


UiPath’s VP of AI PD Singh will lead the discussion followed by a moderated Q&A with Diego Lomanto, with an introduction on the Google/UiPath partnership and the future of AI from Hussein Mehanna, Google's Engineering Director, Cloud AI Platform. 

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