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City Lockdown ePass Generation for Essential Services Personnel

COVID-19 Challenge

All essential services executives require authorization to work around mandated curfew

The City Municipal Authority in India needs to authorize the movement of essential services and delivery executives of various service providers (Amazon, 1mg, Flipkart, Zomato, Swiggy, etc.).

The service provider's managers must send a bulk list of essential personnel to state agencies for Lockdown ePass approval generation. The State Agency accordingly issues curfew passes to designated personnel.


The Municipal authority worked together with the Urban Transformation team from EY India and partner Integra Micro Software Services (P) Ltd to set up UiPath bots to extract named emails from issuance lists and automatically generate a curfew pass with necessary details in their required template.

The bots then populate a report detailing the number of personnel whom the passes are issued to. This allows government authorities to track and manage the total number of people authorized for movement in their cities.