UiPath Business Process Automation

The Fastest Way to Become Agile
Today, when organizations decide to transform their business operations in order to drive efficiency, provide transparency and facilitate compliance, automation is where the conversation starts.

Business Process Automation

Companies turn to Business Process Automation (BPA) as a results-oriented solution to automate repetitive, data-heavy, time-consuming processes and to streamline operations involving integration and communication between multiple business and IT environments. BPA is applicable to virtually any aspect of a business, from data entry and data

extraction, file transfer and content migration to enterprise application integration and reporting. Depending on the level and speed of automation an organization needs to absorb, BPA can either act as a singular instance to automate key processes and deliver immediate results, or as part of a wider, systematic business process management initiative.


RPA’s impact on Business Process Automation challenges

Why should you care?

Despite repeated efforts to achieve an optimal level of business automation, many organizations are still not there yet. This is simply because many traditional business process management solutions still come up short when critical operational needs are considered. Extending the functionality of IT systems to build some sort of automation might seem like a good idea because it promises tailored outcomes. But this approach is slow and highly expensive to implement. Many other such system transformation solutions are tough to integrate with legacy and third party systems, do not respond fluently to regulatory changes, are hard if not impossible to scale, and ultimately require heavy investments, promising highly uncertain ROI.

The UiPath solution

Enterprises and BPOs need a Business Process Automation solution that is fast and easy to implement, scales rapidly and integrates without business disruption. With UiPath RPA you get that and more. UiPath is favored by global clients for its highly intuitive and scalable automation technology that is able to deliver high productivity through fast deployment. The UiPath RPA platform is designed, 

in purpose and function, to ensure the largest automation footprint in the industry, delivering the fastest ROI through an agile deployment at unlimited scale and with all the enterprise controls securely in place. And it is equipped with advanced features for BPM integration, powerful analytics and Cognitive/AI capabilities that greatly extend the scope of automation.

A full-fledged digital workforce


UiPath Studio

Customer success begins with our Studio Designer: the perfectly intuitive environment where anybody can model automation visually, without scripting, without code. A powerful recorder literally builds automation by watching you work, and a rich library of template activities will get you moving at exceptional speed and ease. Imagine automation as a music score that guides the notes of a musician.


UiPath Orchestrator

The heart of our product suite. Just as a music score is mute until played on an instrument, process automation remains a set of instructions until Orchestrator reveals it to the robots. A highly scalable server platform, Orchestrator deploys and manages your entire workforce, handling like a virtuoso all the critical enterprise duties: release management, centralized logging, reporting, auditing and monitoring, remote control, scheduling, workload management and asset management.


UiPath Robot

Our star performer. The UiPath Robot can take the role of an automated assistant running efficiently by your side, under supervision, or it can quietly and autonomously process all the high-volume work that does not require constant human intervention. And automation never sounded better.