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Windows XP - Windows 8.1

Reliable Screen Scraping for Desktop and Web

Featuring screen scraping of running apps

  • 100% Accurate on Java, .Net, Adobe, Web
  • Fast and reliable
  • Screen OCR for Citrix apps
  • Unlimited redistributable runtime available
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How does it work?

UiPath has pioneered the screen scraping of running desktop apps with 100% accuracy in under 16 milliseconds. Prior to UiPath, screen scraping was a synonym for slow, fragile, inaccurate OCR on the display, and had a low rate of accuracy.

UiPath features an innovative technique for extracting text from running apps, even if they are hidden or covered by another app.

Web scraping is a premier citizen of the screen-scraping landscape, with dedicated methods for extracting pattern-based data that span multiple web pages.

Screen scraping is offered as part of a GUI automation library that actually lets you work with the elements of third-party apps as easily as if they belonged to your own app. Core to this GUI automation is the ability to recognize UI elements based on their properties, rather than on their screen position. For this reason, it works reliably when the screen resolution or color changes.

No programming is needed to visually create automation workflows that scrape both desktop and web apps with the aid of our drag-and-drop workflow designer - but the .NET hacker inside you also has complete control over the screen-scraping process.

Where is it used?

Screen scraping comes to the rescue in many business scenarios. It happens just too often that the only way to retrieve your data is by scraping the UI of another app. Even if you have access to the database, it is sometimes just more convenient and less error-prone to go directly through the user interface.

Since 2004, UiPath has been used by more than 1000 companies for document management and imaging, enterprise application integration, content migration, desktop analytics, business IT process automation, application integration, legacy modernization solutions, mobile enablement of desktop apps, and medical record scraping.

UiPath screen scraping at a glance

  • 100% accurate screen scraping for Win32, MS Office, Winforms, Java, WPF, HTML, PDF, Flash, Silverlight, Console & Green Screen, SAP GUI, Siebel, Oracle apps, and x32 and x64 apps.
  • 95% accurate Screen OCR engine for Citrix and Remote desktop apps.
  • Precise GUI automation at the level of objects for replaying mouse and data entry.
  • Fast screen scraping: the typical duration is less than 16 milliseconds.
  • The leading and most reliable screen-scrape library available: it regularly performs one million screen scrapes without errors.
  • Powerful wizards get you started and generating code for your app in minutes.
  • Unlimited redistributable runtimes available for .NET, VB, Delphi, JavaScript, Java, and COM.

799$ - 1499$

Free support and one-year upgrades included! UiPath studio comes with a per-machine license. Runtime seats are available starting from $99.

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