Turn business processes into business progress

Upgrade your processes, elevate your business
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See the big process picture.
Cut the guesswork with a data-driven analysis of your end-to-end processes to uncover new possibilities.
Find bottlenecks. Make breakthroughs.
Visualize your processes to zero in on inefficiencies and trouble spots, and what they’re costing you.
Future-proof your business processes.
Uncover the best automation opportunities and identify their ROI potential and KPI impact.
Get the process insights you need to make transformation your destination.
Explore case studies

Dig deeper into the way you work—and how you can work smarter

  • Keep tabs on your transformation
  • Use AI to make processes smarter, faster, and better
  • Base decisions on data, not best guesses
Keep tabs on your transformation
  • Analyze the digital footprint of processes across all systems, including SAP, Salesforce, ServiceNow, Oracle, and custom systems.
  • Monitor KPIs via dashboards that track processes such as purchase-to-pay, order-to-cash, incident management, and others.
  • Tailor your analyses and KPIs to match your goals and the way you do business.
Use AI to make processes smarter, faster, and better
  • Identify the root causes of inefficiencies and their impact—and see how to remove them.
  • Run simulations to determine how automations will save you time and money.
  • Make sense of complexity with TRACY—the UiPath AI-powered process visualization algorithm.
Base decisions on data, not best guesses
  • Shorten the timeline between process analysis and automation deployment.
  • Combine process, task, and communications mining for a data-driven view of your best automation opportunities.
  • Improve processes before you automate for greater impact and better results.

75% faster

İşbank’s process analysis went from 2 months to 2 weeks


hours saved each year by Coca-Cola İçecek

13 million

dollars saved by reducing maverick purchasing

Understand how your processes flow so you can make them flow smoother

Automation Cloud

End-to-end automation—SaaS from the cloud, ready to run

With Automation Cloud™, you get the full UiPath Platform, the fastest updates—and the scalability and flexibility to automate any process, anywhere you do business.

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Enterprise-grade automation, self-hosted deployment

You have to run it yourself, but you’ll get the world-class automation capabilities you need, with the performance, compliance, and security you expect.

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Procurement Procurement

Take the pain out of payments

Improve supplier performance while reducing non-compliant purchases, purchase order cycle times, and duplicate payments.

Transform procurement
Order management Order management

Reorder how your order

Improve on-time delivery rates, accelerate sales order cycles, and reduce process variation and manual changes.

Streamline order management
Finance and accounting Finance and accounting

Get F&A back in balance

Eliminate errors and rework while improving performance on invoice cycle times, credit check approvals, and days sales outstanding (DSO).

Transform F&A

Make IT service a superpower

Reduce AHT, increase first-call resolutions, and automate the categorization of tickets.

Streamline IT operations
Sumit Shrestha

"We’ve delivered eight process mining projects so far, and the results from those are phenomenal. We’ve built a backlog of opportunities for automation as well as identified areas where the process can be improved before even getting into automation."

Sumit Shrestha

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Service Desk Owner, Takeda

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Continuous Discovery Summit: Never stop improving

See why process improvement isn’t a one-and-done project. Get the insights you need to drive higher value across every process and workflow.

Take the work out of making your processes work better

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