Achieve F&A excellence with increased efficiency using automation

Automation is enabling finance leaders to quickly increase efficiency and reduce risk while freeing their teams to focus on more strategic projects.

The improved productivity automation delivers directly impacts the bottom line and as a result, investment in automation is increasing, with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at the center of that growth.

In a recent study, Forrester Consulting found that:

“Automating repetitive, rule-based tasks enables employees to focus on higher-value activities that require advanced skills, improves employee engagement, and translates to happier customers.”

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Discover RPA for Finance & Accounting

59% of Finance & Accounting leaders believe RPA will make their business more competitive over the next two years.

- 2019 Economist Survey “Advance of Automation”

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RPA is already transforming Finance & Accounting

RPA digitizes your F&A operations faster than you thought possible. As the roles of CFOs and their teams continue to transform to keep organizations on a forward-looking path, RPA has become more significant than ever.

RPA enables you to improve productivity, drive down costs, and streamline compliance in your organization, With RPA, you can automate the lowest value work that typically consumes the most energy. Now, CFOs and financial professionals can focus more strategically when RPA and AI take over the routine work.

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Enabling faster, more complex automation in F&A and beyond

Automate more processes and deliver rich user experiences for both employees and customers—regardless of the complexity of the underlying applications—with the latest version of the UiPath Automation Platform. Get a full tour of how the newest features enable a fully automated enterprise™ in this on-demand webinar.

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“UiPath is an awesome, if not the best automation tool in the world to be honest. Using Visual Studio we can integrate it with UiPath and come up with amazing automation processes. UiPath is not just for developers, it is currently being used by the HR team and Finance Team to automate their repetitive tasks.”

- User review, Gartner Peer Insights

“UiPath is at the forefront of RPA. If your team is considering using bots (or even considering strategies to reduce your mundane, repetitive work so that your team can focus on value-add activities), this is the way to go.”

- User review, G2

“It [UiPath] is one of the RPA tools that we use in our organization for automating some of the processes in the HR and Finance departments which require going through a large set of documents, majorly invoices, pay slips and onboarding documents.... To date, we have automated a huge number of processes and saved our manpower from doing tedious work which involves almost zero creativity.”

- User review, TrustRadius

IT Central Station

Read the IT Central Station PeerPaper report featuring UiPath users’ experiences using RPA in Finance & Accounting.

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Automate Finance & Accounting with a Leader in Robotic Process Automation

For the second consecutive year, UiPath was named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation with the highest position for ability to execute.

As companies around the world prioritize automation initiatives to become more agile and resilient, we will continue to make bold moves in building a scalable, enterprise-ready platform that can grow with you and your automation journey.

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