Digital Transformation

March 3, 2021

20 Best CIO Conferences In 2021

The conference scene is alive and well in 2021. To stay on top of the latest technologies and trends, focus on these conferences tailor-made for CIOs.

future of work evolution united states

Digital Transformation

March 1, 2021

Evolution of the Future of Work: U.S. Edition

A look back at what experts thought the future of work would look like in the U.S. and how emerging technologies have changed the way we work.

uipath tv commercial back story

Digital Transformation

December 18, 2020

What a Simple Office Toy Taught Me about Humans

Find out how a simple toy taught Mary Tetlow the frustration of repetitive, tedious work and became the inspiration for a new UiPath TV commercial.

process mining optimize morning routine

Digital Transformation

November 13, 2020

How I Optimized My Morning Routine with Process Mining and Automation

How much more time could you get in your mornings if you thought of your routine as a process? Learn how this author used process mining to find out.

how to green business with process mining

Digital Transformation

November 10, 2020

Using Process Mining and Robotic Process Automation to Green Your Business

Want to be more eco friendly? Uncover new opportunities to green your business with process mining and robotic process automation.

examples successful data analysis

Digital Transformation

October 14, 2020

Top 10 Examples of Successful Data Analysis

A look back in history at 10 examples of data analysis that impacted the world. Find out how to use process mining for improved data analysis in your own org.

three factors affecting employee productivity

Digital Transformation

August 12, 2020

Three Reasons Your Employees Can’t Do Their Best Work

Lost employee productivity results in financial issues. Learn about three top factors affecting employee productivity and how you can address each.

uipath global workforce survey during covid pandemic

Digital Transformation

June 1, 2020

New Research Shows Worker Concerns About Skills Gap

UiPath surveyed workers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read the survey results and why workers are concerned about skills gaps.

offshore outsourcing affordable alternatives

Digital Transformation

April 9, 2020

Will Technology Replace Your Offshore Outsourcing Vendors—or Reboot Them?

See the impact RPA technology has on traditional outsourcing and how disruptive vendors are leveraging these tools to create value for modern enterprises.


Digital Transformation

December 18, 2019

Why It Takes a Village for Organizations to Achieve Digital Transformation

Organizations need to cultivate engagement across the company, with a variety of experts, enthusiasts, and developers to accomplish digital transformation.

digital transformation winners losers

Digital Transformation

August 30, 2019

Navigating Disruption: 4 Case Studies in Digital Transformation Strategy

UiPath Vice President of Product Marketing Diego Lomanto explores what it takes to make an effective digital transformation strategy via 4 case studies.


Digital Transformation

September 11, 2014

Four Pitfalls of BPO

Outsourcing (BPO) has evolved considerably since it entered business. Is the next phase a shift to robotic process automation (RPA)? Learn more here.

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