Everything You Need to Know About the UiPath 2022.10 Release

ultimate guide to UiPath 2022.10 release

With new products and hundreds of product updates on the UiPath Business Automation Platform, the 2022.10 release is our biggest product release of the year.

There’s so much to cover that we’ve created an entire 2022.10 release series. From executives wanting a high-level overview to developers ready to see a product deep dive and demo, the 2022.10 release set has something for everyone.

UiPath 2022.10 release virtual event

Join us on November 15, 2022, for a virtual event dedicated to this release. Ted Kummert, Executive Vice President (EVP) of Products and Engineering at UiPath, will give an overview of the key updates in the 2022.10 release. Hear how 2022.10 offers more enhancements that allow businesses to automate more, automate faster, and operate more efficiently and effectively.

Immediately following Kummert’s keynote, you’ll have four virtual breakout sessions to choose from:

  • Rapidly build your next-gen business apps and automations

  • A new foundation for Continuous Discovery

  • Enhanced platform intelligence powers more use cases

  • Enterprise-grade platform for the most demanding business and IT needs

Having a hard time picking which session to attend? Don’t worry, you can pick one to attend live and catch the replays of the others. After the event, we’ll send you recordings of all the sessions so you can watch them at your convenience.

Save your spot for the 2022.10 release virtual event.

2022.10 release blog posts

Don’t want to wait until November 15 to dig into the 2022.10 release? We’ve got you covered.

UiPath product experts wrote these blog posts to make it easy for you to start exploring the many benefits of the 2022.10 release. We recommend starting with this blog post for a great overview of the release and then dive into:

New UiPath Academy course

Yes, there are so many updates in the release, it deserves its own UiPath Academy course: 2022.10 UiPath Platform Updates.

The 2022.10 UiPath Platform Updates Academy course is an introductory course highlighting the most important capabilities and enhancements brought by the 2022.10 release, for each of the 19 components. Depending on your role and expertise, you can navigate directly to the lesson of your choice and be done in 10 minutes. Or, take the entire course and receive a certificate of completion once you've finished all lessons in the course.

If you’re new to UiPath Academy, you can access the full catalog of courses by creating your free Academy account.

2022.10 and the UiPath Business Automation Platform

While reading about the 2022.10 release, you may notice that we’ve updated our platform name: UiPath Business Automation Platform.

We named it that to reflect our belief that this platform [UiPath Business Automation Platform] is now at the center of the way business is run. It’s there to automate the repetitive and routine, but it’s also there to move upstream, and implement new capabilities and processes for your organization.

Ted Kummert, EVP Products & Engineering, UiPath

If you caught Kummert’s FORWARD 5 keynote (either in person or virtually), you heard more about the updated name and a new chapter for UiPath. It was an intimate look at where UiPath is now and where the next leap forward for UiPath technology will be.

If you missed Kummert’s keynote, there’s still time to catch the replay. His keynote is included in the first volume of FORWARD 5 ‘The Best Bits’. ‘The Best Bits’ is three volumes of the best of FORWARD 5 emailed right to you.

Sign up for ‘The Best Bits’ to watch the replay.

Thank you for your feedback

During his FORWARD 5 keynote, Kummert spoke to UiPath customers and partners about the 2022.10 release:

“We hope that as you see it [2022.10 release], you see a lot of yourselves in it. Things you’ve been hoping for. Things that are going to help you do your job better. Things that are going to help your automation programs move forward more quickly.”

Your feedback is in all of the updates you see in this release. Thank you.

We’re here to help you succeed in your automation journey. Reach out to us with any questions and please continue sharing your feedback with us.

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