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daniel dines uipath ipo

Product and Updates

April 21, 2021

UiPath Announces Company IPO

UiPath begins life as a public company where its mission will continue to be accelerating human achievement by empowering people to delegate work to the robots.

apollo design system uipath

Product and Updates

March 29, 2021

UiPath Products Have a New Look: Introducing Apollo, Our New Design System

Learn more about Apollo, the new UiPath design system providing a cohesive, simple experience across all UiPath products.

uipath tv commercial back story

Digital Transformation

December 18, 2020

What a Simple Office Toy Taught Me about Humans

Find out how a simple toy taught Mary Tetlow the frustration of repetitive, tedious work and became the inspiration for a new UiPath TV commercial.

process automation creates win win scenarios for organizations


May 27, 2020

Creating Win-Win Scenarios with Process Automation

Discover how savvy organizations are using Robotic Process Automation to create win-win scenarios for employees across the organization.

change management strategies cision morgan stanley


March 04, 2020

How Change Management Strategies at Cision and Morgan Stanley Drive Automation Adoption

Susan Steele and Katherine Wetmur discussed how change management strategies have helped make automation successful at Cision and Morgan Stanley.

cultural best practices of automation first enterprises


November 29, 2019

Five Cultural Best Practices for the Automation First Enterprise

Discover five cultural best practices that will set automation first companies up for success by embracing curiosity, problem-solving, and innovation.

gavin jackson uipath future of work


October 03, 2019

Robots, Dreamy Businesses, and the Future of Work

See what the 4 characteristics of dreamy businesses are, and why innovation from UiPath is escalating the pace of change and revolutionizing business.

bigstock Office Workers Army 81351860

Industry Solutions

December 10, 2015

RPA - a Life or L&P Insurance Company “Closed Book” Lifeline

Robotic process automation helps manage closed book policies for life insurance and L&P insurance companies.

software automation small 1


November 27, 2015

Capgemini – Straight Talk about Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation can provide BPOs with process automation and BPO automation benefits. Capgemini discusses its automation implementation

end to end edit


November 19, 2015

Robotic Process Automation - Go Big or Go Home

Deploying robotic process automation and implementing robotic software requires an investment of technology and process automation resources.

Puzzled edit


November 05, 2015

If Robotic Process Automation is so great – why isn’t it everywhere?

There are three key reasons robotic process automation (RPA) isn't more widely deployed for process automation.

Capability Curve v2 small


September 17, 2015

Why is There Confusion about Robotic Process Automation?

A discussion of how innovation in robotic process automation software technology has increased the benefits of cost savings and performance.



July 20, 2015

The Value Robotic Process Automation Brings to Regulatory Compliance

Even though the two are still niche subjects, we discuss the benefits that robotic process automation to regulatory compliance.

jj ying 236821 unsplash 2


July 01, 2015

Robotic Software has Transformed Process Automation

Robotic process automation software has transformed workflow automation. We discuss the overlaps between macros, scripts, and RPA.

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