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Basic Concepts. Intro to UI Automation

Note: This video is deprecated. Please see Introduction to UiPath and Activities, Variables and Data Types for the newer versions. 


How can you start UI Automation?

UiPath Studio is a complete software solution that enables you to automate your back office repetitive tasks. It converts tedious tasks into complete UI automation, thus, making your work easier and faster.

Workflow Designer

UiPath Workflow Designer comes with a visual way of setting up automation using flowcharts and diagrams. It allows you to create a Workflow that will help you model processes of your business operations. They are a great way to setup automation with little or no knowledge about programming.

The boxes and shapes represent each activity process. The arrow indicates the order of the execution and the orange triangle lets you branch the workflow depending on different inputs.


An Activity is a piece of action you can add in your workflow - like clicking the OK button or typing a text in an input box. Activity box is found on the left panel.

An activity is added into the workflow by dragging it to the designer workspace.

Another way to add activities into your workflow is by using the Record button. It automatically adds activities based on the actions you have taken on your desktop applications during the recording.