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Application Integration. REST Web Service and JSON

Note: This video is deprecated.

Web API: REST Integration

REST is one of the most common web service being used by most web applications nowadays. The flexibility of using REST in any devices from desktops to mobiles appeals to major players like Google, Amazon and Facebook.

REST provides a lighter weight alternative. Instead of using XML to make a request, REST relies on a simple URL in many cases. In some situations you must provide additional information in special ways, but most Web services using REST rely exclusively on obtaining the needed information using the URL approach.

The UiPath WebAPI tool allows you to manipulate REST API using the HTTP Request Wizard and can produce results in minutes.

This video shows you how to extract the temperature from OpenWeatherMap in JSON format. This is just one of so many things you can do extract data from JSON with ease.

Request Builder Wizard

The Request Builder Wizard of UiPath allows you to setup the REST Automation in less than a minute. This let’s you setup the End point URL of the service.

Settings up parameters is easy by filling in the Parameter names and values. The wizard also includes an option to upload the Attachment and setup an advanced authentication if that is required.

Preview REST Response

Once the service URL and required parameters have been setup, you can preview the REST Response by just a click of a button. This makes it easier for you modify the setup before finishing the automation.

You can further customize the HTTP Client once the activity has been created in your workflow. This provides more flexibility in handling your data.

Deserialize JSON

The Request Builder Wizard automatically creates an activity that allows efficient transfer of data between web services and web browsers. This makes it even makes it more simpler than setting up long pages of codes.

Say goodbye to a costly and slow process of API integration and use UiPath Web API Automation at your advantage!